Winter Semester

For certain programs, specific prerequisites are required such as interviews, auditions, letters of intent and/or portfolio reviews. These requirements are listed below.


Important Notice for Winter 2018 Applications & Admissions

Due to limited space, Dawson College will be accepting applications for Health Science and Pure & Applied Science for Winter 2018 ONLY from Dawson College students currently enrolled.

Those students enrolled in SpringBoard to DCS, Pre-University or Independent Continuing Education programs may apply using the Special Application Form – Winter 2018, available at the Continuing Education Office, Room 2H.1. Those students enrolled in a Continuing Education DEC program may apply through the on-line Program Transfer Request form available through My Dawson Portal. Please note that space available in these programs is limited.

Two-Year Pre-University

Other Requirements Math 404 Math 406 Math 506 Chemsitry 504 Physics 504 Science Science English 603-101 French 602-101
200.B0 Science
200.B1 Health Science – see notice above
200.B2 Pure & Applied Science – see notice above
200.E2 Environmental Science**
300.A0 Social Science
300.FA General Social Science
(On Hold)
300.FE Child Studies x
300.FG Environmental Studies** x
300.FH International Business
300.FK Law, Society & Justice x
300.FM North-South Studies** x
300.FP Psychology x
300.FT Travel and Tourism** x
500.A1 Arts, Literature & Communication
500.G1 Arts & Culture                    
500.G2 Literature**                    
500.G3 Languages**  1                  
500.G4 Cinema-Communication                    
500.G5 Studio Arts
500.G6 Interactive Media Arts (IMA)**
510.A1 Visual Arts** 2

*   Math 526 or Math 536 are also acceptable.
** Applications will only be considered for admission of returning students to the 2nd or 4th semester. Please contact the registrar Office for further details on how to apply.

1.  Placement at the 101 level or higher in French.

2.  Portfolio

Technical Programs (Three-year)
Applications will only be considered for admission of returning students to the 2nd, 4th, or 6th semester of the three-year Technical programs. To qualify, applicants MUST submit proof of completion of all 1st, 3rd, or 5th semester courses.

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