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Economics studies economies as they evolve. It also analyzes the economic decisions of households, companies, and governments. Students have the option of taking a variety of economics courses that will help them to critically assess economic decisions, as well as to understand Quebec’s and Canada’s major economic problems. The economics courses students take at Dawson College will prepare them to pursue further studies in economics at the university level.

Students take introductory, Analysis, Applied, and Advanced courses given in Economics. The Economics courses, like the other courses in the Social Science Program, are sequential. A student must pass Introduction to Economics, 383-101-DW before taking an Analysis or an Applied course, and must pass either an Analysis or an Applied course before taking the Advanced course. Depending on staffing some of the Analysis and Applied courses may not be given in any semester. To see if a course given in a particular semester, please check the student timetable.

Last Modified: November 19, 2015