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French for Life

If you live and work in Quebec, enhancing your French-language skills can improve your job prospects and even advance your career.
Dawson College offers a vast array of French-language courses at all levels. We have taught French as a second language for more than 45 years with more than 50 French-language specialists who contribute to our expertise.

Expand your horizons!

Non-credit courses in French

The Centre for Training and Development offers five levels of French on weeknights and Saturdays.

Our language courses are offered in relatively small classes to allow for active participation by all students. Each language is offered in several different levels (listed and described below). In levels 1 to 3, the conversational approach is used to emphasize listening comprehension and oral expression. In levels 4 and 5, in addition to practicing their acquired oral skills, students are also exposed to grammar rules and to writing skills exercises. Students registering for the first time in a language course at Dawson need to refer to the Self-Evaluation section (below) to determine their level.

The following is an approximation of the material to be covered in each level, though the Centre reserves the right to make adjustments.

Level 1
Students will develop basic language skills, particularly in oral comprehension and expression. Course content includes grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation at an elementary level. This includes the alphabet, numbers, the verbs “to be” and “to have”, question and negative forms, basic verbs in the simple tense, as well as basic survival phrases.

Level 2
Students will acquire a fundamental knowledge of the present, past and future tenses. Class time will include conversation and listening activities. Students will practice concepts such as prepositions, adjectives, question words (who, what, where, when and why), the comparative form and polite requests (including the modals can and could).

Level 3
Students will develop grammatical accuracy in expression and further their understanding of general concepts in listening and reading comprehension. Students will become familiar with the differences between simple and continuous tenses, as well as acquire intermediate knowledge of the present, past, future, and present perfect tenses. There will be vocabulary building exercises and discussions on everyday topics, as well as more complex speaking activities.

Level 4
Students will develop their fluency and accuracy in oral expression, as well as increase their understanding of reading comprehension and their exposure to the main grammar rules and their application to writing. Students will become familiar with more complex verb tenses, with an emphasis placed on the expression of perfect tenses. In addition to discussions of various topics and oral simulation of real-life situations, students will be given written exercises emphasizing the correct use of syntax and grammar rules.

Level 5
Students will develop a high degree of precision in oral expression, as well as an adequate level of writing abilities. They will acquire an understanding of more complex concepts in listening and reading comprehension, and will be able to write simple texts. Students will become familiar with all the verb tenses, and more complex structures. There will be advanced vocabulary building and the use of a variety of material for all reading, writing, listening and speaking activities.

During the first class, the teacher will evaluate students to make sure
they are attending the right level, or to recommend a transfer to a more
appropriate one. Complete the self-evaluation test.

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Credit Courses in French

Explore your choices for credit courses in French through Continuing Education. Click on information about registration and course schedules (page 5 for French).

List of credit courses in French

Progession of French Levels

Last course passed

Next course
602-010 or 602-011 or Elementary French II

602-005 or 602-006

602-006 602-007


602-008 or 602-009


602-10_ 602-BX_ (see chart above)

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