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Science and Medical Technologies Programs

LC Courses in the Science Program

Physiotherapy Technologies

Anatomy I and Biology I

Courses: Anatomy 1 (144-111-DW) + Biology 1 (101-941-DW)

Eligible students: 1st semester Physiotherapy Technologies

Teachers: Hasler + Calve

anatomy and human biology-800_x_864Integrated Anatomy 1 and Biology 1.  Case-based approach.  Required courses for first-semester Physiotherapy students. Understanding the human body not only from an anatomical perspective, but also a biological one, is of utmost importance for future health care practitioners. Biology I and Anatomy I are two integral, foundation courses that introduce students to the human body. Biology I has a focus inherent to the systems of the human body down to their microscopic level of structure, function and organization. Anatomy I focuses more at the macroscopic levels of structure, function and organization.  These complementary perspectives and the synchronized curriculum will provide learners with a holistic and integrative view of the human body and its systems (e.g. musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, etc.) The integration of these two courses will enhance students’ knowledge by contextualizing the importance of the structure and function of the human body. This will provide the strong foundation required for future courses in the program and their career as a Physiotherapist Technologist.

For more information about this LC, contact the Physiotherapy Technologies program coordinator.

Medical Ultrasound Technologies

Ultrasound Physics and Ultrasound Instruments

Courses: Physics of Medical Ultrasound (203-910-DW) + Ultrasound Instrumentation and Imaging Modalities (142-U13-DW)

Eligible students: 1st semester Ultrasound Technologies

Teachers: Glennie + Stosiak

ultrasounds-webIntegrated team-taught pairing for first-semester Ultrasound Technologies students focused on understanding and applying Physics in the use of Ultrasound apparatus. These two courses will be tightly integrated and will introduce and reinforce complementary concepts and applications.

For more information about this LC, contact the Medical Ultrasound Technologies program coordinator.

Analytical Laboratory Technologies

Intro to Lab Tech and Samples

Courses: Introduction to Laboratory Technologies (210-111-DW) + Samples in Analytical Chemistry (210-311-DW)

Eligible students: 1st and 3rd semester Lab Tech students

Teachers: Duxin + Holden

hi-Premier-LabPeer-to-peer mentoring and integrative lab projects for first-semester and third-semester Analytical Laboratory Technologies students.

For more information about this LC, contact the Analytical Laboratory Technologies program coordinator.

Enriched Pure and Applied Science

Biology II and Organic Chemistry

Courses: Biology II (101-BZE-05) + Organic Chemistry I (202-BZF-05)

Eligible students: 3rd semester Enriched Pure and Applied

Teachers: Samson + Leung, Wieczorek + Cadieux

YJTeam-taught integration of 3rd semester Science courses Biology II and Organic  Chemistry.  Students learn how Chemistry functions as the alphabet of the language of  Biology.  The paired course offers collaborative opportunities to understand the  functions of organic molecules in the cells and in physiological systems. An integrative  laboratory activity exemplifies the role of enantiomers in the nervous system.    Only available to third-semester Enriched Pure and Applied Science students.

For more information about this LC, contact the Enriched Pure and Applied Science coordinator.

Calculus I and Mechanics

Courses: Mechanics (203-NYA-05) + Calculus I (201-NYA-05)

Eligible students: 1st semester Enriched Pure and Applied

Teachers: Brière + Panait

IMG_2976[1]Team-taught integration of two first-term Science requirements, Calculus I and Mechanics. Examples taken from mechanics are used to provide context and alternative points of view on differential calculus. Inversely, the mathematical tools acquired in math are reinvested in mechanics to strengthen links between variables, explore more authentic problems, and offer alternative approaches to problem solving.  Available only to first-semester Enriched Pure and Applied Science students.

For more information about this LC, contact the Enriched Pure and Applied Science program coordinator.

Last Modified: October 14, 2021


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