LC Project Development – Winter 2020

Watch for updates here by June on the following curriculum development projects:

  • A DIS-themed French and Phys Ed intensive pairing, designed by Lysane Audy (French) and Cindy Starzenski (PE), to take place in the Atikamekw community of Manawan.
  • A Neuroscience Research 365 Complementary, designed and co-taught by Helene Nadeau (Physics) and Sylvia Cox (Pyschology)
  • A DIS- themed Social Science Research Methods sequence, designed by a team led by Ben Lander (History)
  • A three-course first semester General Studies Social Science cluster of Western Civilization, General Psychology and Introduction to Anthropology.  Led by Selma Hamdani (Psychology) and Cynthia Howell (Anthropology)
  • A BXE Ecological Literacy course integrated with Dawson’s Environment Seminar speaker series.  Ian MacKenzie (English)
  • A Nursing – Biology collaboration to integrate a Nursing case study into the contributing discipline Human Body courses, taught in the Nursing program by the Biology department.  Led by Gina Gentile and Richard Calve (Biology)
  • A collaboration between Mathematics and Analytical Laboratory Technologies which will see peer instruction across cohorts of the Lab Tech program.  Led by Steve Holden (Chemistry) and Rodney Acteson (Mathematics)

Last Modified: March 26, 2020