Jennifer Horvath
Jennifer Horvath

Foundation welcomes new board member

Jennifer Horvath has joined the Dawson Foundation as a new board member. Sitting uniquely at the intersection of business and social impact, Jennifer is an impact entrepreneur with almost three decades of experience in acquiring, founding and building businesses. Jennifer is certified in Impact Economics, which uses the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint to develop an ESG strategic plan while improving business success. Co-founder and Managing Partner of MaverikX, Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from Concordia University. Dawson’s Communications Office asked her some questions about her decision to serve on the Foundation Board.

Why have you decided to give your time to the Dawson College Foundation?

My three tenets in life are learning, growth and adventure. I believe that all three of those principles are connected to education and the exposure of a college experience. The fact that Dawson is so strong in sustainability with its Sustainable Living Campus, thanks to Chris Adam and his team, made me want to be part of it and give back in any way I can. To be able to work alongside Chris and support him in his mission is truly an honour.

What is your vision for the role of Dawson in Montreal, Quebec, the world?

I do believe Dawson is a cutting-edge school with all the work it is doing around sustainability. Dawson is leading the way and I am excited to be part of that! I would love to also see a drive toward education in entrepreneurship and women’s entrepreneurship, and I believe I can be helpful with that.

What excites you the most about the opportunities for Dawson?

I think there is a massive opportunity to engage with one of the biggest global conversations right now which is climate change, sustainability and social impact. Dawson has recently proven itself to be a leader in that space and I think that the students and the school have a massive opportunity to leverage that.

Last Modified: March 23, 2023