Free & fun lunchtime activities until March 12

Make a lunch date for your own well-being and enjoyment. There are still 13 more days of free programming and activities offered exclusively to Dawson employees at lunchtime through the 1249 Club, a wellness project sponsored by Human Resources and the Sustainability Office with contributions from services and departments across the College.

Two of the events coming up later this week are Healthy Cooking with Paul Wasacz (Phys. Ed.) on Wednesday and making your own Self-Watering Containers with Jennifer de Vera (Sustainability) on Friday. You will find a lot more when you check the calendar.

Yoga and Pilates
“We are also bringing back our popular Yoga and Pilates instructors, Carmen Romero and Valerie Stephenson, who are offering online lunchtime classes,” said Jennifer de Vera of the 1249 Club organizing team.

“This is your chance to take some time for self-care, get together with Dawson colleagues online, learn something new or do an activity you enjoy,” Jennifer said. “The activities are only available at the scheduled times, like in-person events. There will not be a recording to view later. Don’t miss out! Check the schedule and book at least one event in your calendar. This is for your well-being.”

Family friendly activities during children’s Spring Break
There are family friendly activities during elementary and high school Spring Break (March 1-5) that parents can do with their children. For example, on Monday, March 1, there is a vegan cooking workshop with Gianna Di Giacomo-Smith of the Campus Life and Leadership team. Gianna is well-known for her traditional  ̶  and delicious  ̶  Italian cooking.

It’s all happening on Dawson’s Yammer
Employees are invited to join YAMMER, the platform chosen for the 1249 Club. The 1249 Club secure space on Yammer is only accessible to Dawson employees and contains the Zoom links for events, grocery lists for cooking classes, supplies needed to prepare for other activities and more. Being on Yammer allows the organizing team to keep everything in one place and allows the Dawson community to chat among ourselves and share photos of projects.

You can find the calendar with the schedule and clickable links to join activities here: 1249 LIVE Zoom Calendar 

To join 1249 on Yammer, click on this link: YAMMER

If you have trouble getting into Yammer, log into your My Dawson Portal (Omnivox) and click on Office 365 Mail under My Dawson Life menu. Then click on the square in the top left corner to see Apps and choose Yammer. If Yammer does not appear, click All Apps and then choose Yammer. Look for 1249 Employee Wellness Weeks in Yammer. Contact Help Desk by email if you have trouble accessing it.


Last Modified: February 24, 2021