A Statement from Director General Richard Filion of Dawson College


(MONTREAL- Sept. 11, 2020) – Recently, there has been much media coverage and social media discussion about the allegations against Winston Sutton of the Professional Theatre (Acting) Program.

I wish to provide some more information to clarify the situation and to assure the public that the College is listening to the complaints. Silence does not mean the College is not acting.

The allegations were deemed extremely serious, which led the College to launch an investigation. This must proceed according to the clear procedures and the strict timelines of the FNEEQ Collective Agreement, which governs labour relations between the College and its teachers.

Once this process has come to a conclusion within the timelines set by the Collective Agreement, Dawson College will share its decision with the public.

Mr. Sutton has not taught at Dawson College since Aug. 31, the first day of the Fall 2020 Semester.

Dawson College wishes to reaffirm our values of respect and well-being for all and our commitment to academic integrity.

Richard Filion
Director General

Last Modified: September 11, 2020