Dawson delegation brings support for new healthcare pavilion project to National Assembly

QUEBEC (March 16, 2022) – A delegation from the Dawson Student Union (DSU) came to the National Assembly today to deliver their petition.

In just three weeks, some 20,000 Quebecers signed the DSU petition asking the Government of Quebec to maintain Dawson’s infrastructure project. Member of the National Assembly for Westmount–Saint-Louis, Jennifer Maccarone, officially presented the petition this morning.

“We are very thankful for all the support we have received from across Quebec,” DSU President Alexandrah Cardona said. “We hope the government will listen to Dawson students and our supporters. We deserve the same services and facilities as all CEGEP students. We don’t want more than other students, we just want what is fair. We would like the government to treat all Quebec students equitably.”

According to Arwen Low, Vice-President of External Affairs of the DSU, Dawson students have lived with the consequences of a significant lack of space for about 20 years. “During the pandemic, the space deficit is dangerous because social distancing is impossible,” she added.

The new healthcare pavilion would be a training centre for students in Dawson’s seven medical and social service technology programs. “It would also be the site of a clinique-école where students would learn and offer services under the supervision of their instructors to the local downtown Montreal population, including marginalized people, such as the homeless and urban Indigenous communities,” she said.

“Our graduates from the healthcare programs do not become anglophone nurses, doctors, and technicians. They become Quebec nurses, doctors, and technicians, and they serve in every region,” Arwen said.

In closing, she said that the pandemic has reminded us to express appreciation for our healthcare workers. “Let’s offer that same appreciation and gratitude to our students in healthcare programs and offer them learning space that conforms to ministerial norms!”

Dawson students lack 30% of the space required. The Ministry of Higher Education reaffirmed this in December 2021.

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Last Modified: March 24, 2022