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Kenza 1

Support from AccessAbility Centre and caring community leads Anastasia De Sousa recipient to McGill

June 1st, 2022

Kenza Bennani struggled at school since she was a kid. She thought it was because she didn’t like school.

“When I was 13, I was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia,” she said in an interview with Dawson’s Communications Office. “Suddenly, everything made sense and I was able to get better support in school. I had tutors and specialists helping me all throughout high school.”

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Ken’Nikahontehsa – 1

“True leader” and Social Service grad to receive Paul Gallagher Award

June 1st, 2022

Winning the Paul Gallagher Award is a validation for the hard work that Ken'Nikahontehsa Norton-Montour has done over the last three years.

In her nomination letter, teacher Vanessa Robillard said that Ken'Nikahontehsa “has shown a consistent commitment to persevere and excel in any circumstance and strikes the balance between academic and personal responsibilities. Not only is Ken’Nikahontehsa dedicated to her studies, but has actively contributed to College life.”

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Chapeau les filles

Hats off to Mech Tech student Erica Dubois and Computer Science student Kausar Mussa!

June 1st, 2022

Always being the different one. Having to adjust to other ways of thinking. Working with people who hold misogynistic attitudes. These are just a few things that are still experienced by women in male-dominated fields of study and work.

The Chapeau, les filles! (Hats Off to You) awards are given to women in Quebec to encourage and support those who choose to study in these fields and persevere. This year, two Dawson students have won at the provincial level: Erica Dubois in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Kausar Mussa in Computer Science Technology.

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Goal-oriented grad Yves-Jusslin Maniratanga receives Paul Gallagher Award

June 1st, 2022

During his time at Dawson, Yves-Jusslin Maniratanga has demonstrated strong leadership, contributing much to campus life through his work with the Dawson Student Union (DSU). For him, being granted the Paul Gallagher Award is an honour, and "feels great because it demonstrates the appreciation of the Dawson community," he said.

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Simeon Pompey, Superman

May 18th, 2022

It is a testament to a man’s popularity when the mere mention of his name brings a smile to everyone’s face followed by a cry of “he’s so great!”

Simeon Pompey’s reputation is not based only on popularity, but on his strength of character, his dedication to his students inside and outside the classroom, and the motivation to succeed he inspires in others.

On May 4, Simeon was honoured with a Forces Avenir award. Click Read More for the homepage news story and photos of Simeon with his family and his work family.


Dawson students and teacher shine in the Forces Avenir recognition program

May 4th, 2022

The provincial Forces Avenir recognition program is back at Dawson after several years’ absence. Colleges and CEGEPs in Québec, as a group, chose not to participate until the process of nomination and selection was streamlined. For the first time in a long time, the program is back at the CEGEP level. Dawson’s only previous recipient…


Students who founded IndigeSTEM peer tutoring project recognized by Forces Avenir

May 4th, 2022

Currently, Rotshennón:ni Two-Axe and Kayla Spencer-Young are two of a handful of Indigenous students in Dawson’s Science Program.

Rotshennón:ni and Kayla wanted to encourage and support their fellow Indigenous students who may be interested in Science. They came up with an idea last semester that has won them the local Forces Avenir award and put them in the running for the provincial award, which will be announced at an event in Quebec City in September.

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Student with passionate desire to make a difference receives Lieutenant-Governor Youth Medal

April 20th, 2022

For Arwen Low, it was very meaningful to receive the Youth Medal from the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec and it was also inspiring to see the service of other youth leaders throughout the Montreal region be recognized at a ceremony in early April.

“I feel so lucky for the support from the Dawson community,” she said in an interview with Dawson’s Communications Office, adding that serving at Dawson has been “such a joy. I am so grateful for the incredible friends and mentors I have found in the Dawson Student Union (DSU), the Dawson College Model UN (DCMUN) team and clubs, who inspire me to push myself further and take on new projects.”

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Active and caring International Business Studies student receives Lieutenant-Governor Youth Medal

April 20th, 2022

Shirin Hinojosa-Violante feels that receiving the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec’s Youth Medal is recognition for everything she has done up until now.

“Being nominated by my peers among so many talented students was an honour,” she told Dawson’s Communications Office in an interview. “Being selected and winning the award went beyond my expectations. Community service and being able to help those around me has always been a passion of mine.”

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Sydney Kormos-Springer wins award given in her uncle Rob Springer’s memory

April 20th, 2022

Long before she arrived at Dawson College, Sydney Kormos-Springer decided she would aim to win the Rob Springer Memorial Award.

“When I learned that Dawson was having a memorial game in honour of my uncle, I wanted to make it my goal to go to Dawson College and play for him,” the Health Science student said in an interview with Dawson’s Communications Office. “I wanted to be able to keep his legacy alive and honour him as well as my family. My uncle, in a way, taught me how to persevere and accomplish anything I set my mind to.”

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