DSSU members to receive training

Members of the Dawson Support Staff Union are invited to attend a June 27 workshop entitled Introduction to Being an Antiracist given by Kim Crayton.

The DSSU requested funding from Dawson College to permit any member to attend the workshop “in light of the current groundswell associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, and within the context of proactive action on behalf of Dawson College,” the DSSU wrote in a June 11 letter requesting the funding.

“The College welcomed this request,” said Director of Human Resources Pascahl Scott. “This issue is very important for our College and our society.”

The fees for this workshop will be covered by Dawson College and will not come from an individual’s yearly professional development funds.

On June 16, the Directors of Dawson College signed a statement committing the College to the hard work of eradicating racism, violence and discrimination.

“Through our role as an educational institution, we will continue to explore ways and develop actions that support the movement towards justice, peace and equity for all peoples,” the College Directors wrote in their June 16 statement.

Members of the Dawson College community will be working together against racism. A new and important chapter in this conversation has begun and we look forward to the ideas and input of the community.



Last Modified: June 16, 2020