Recognizing Catherine Moore for exceptional leadership in Nursing

Catherine Moore has been working in Dawson’s Nursing Department since the fall of 1974. She has taught generations of students within the same family and seen others become colleagues. In light of National Nursing Week (May 9-15) and her upcoming retirement, Dawson would like to thank Catherine for her exceptional leadership and lifelong commitment to shaping Quebec’s future healthcare workers.

“Nursing is finally getting recognized for the valued profession it is,” she said. “This is solely due to all the nurses, teachers and students who have worked tirelessly and selflessly during the pandemic.”

Each year, over 60 Dawson Nursing students graduate after completing over 1,000 hours of direct patient contact, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes to provide excellent care.

“Nursing allows you to deal with all aspects of the person; physical; emotional; mental; spiritual. As you put the whole picture together, you become an excellent advocate for patients’ needs,” said Catherine. “Nothing is more satisfying than having a patient say ‘Thank you for being my nurse today.'”

Last Modified: May 18, 2022