Snow, freezing rain and other inclement weather plans at Dawson

Mid-November means that the s-word is in the forecast. In fact, there are three s-words that Dawson’s Communications Office monitors: snow, storms and special weather alerts, such as freezing rain.

If the College decides to cancel classes and in-person work:

  • all students will be alerted via an Omnivox mandatory document
  • all employees will receive an email from the Communications Office to All Dawson through Dawson email
  • the public will be informed via an alert message at the top of the homepage of the College website
  • the College social media channels will also be used to get the message out
  • local media will be alerted (CJAD 800, CBC 88.5 FM, CTV, CBC TV, Global, City TV, Virgin 95.9 FM, CHOM 97.7 FM, The Beat 92.5 FM, TVA, 96.9 FM, 730 AM, 105.7 FM, 98.5 FM)

In the event of severe weather in the short-term forecast:

The College will let students and employees know through Omnivox and Dawson email that we are actively monitoring the weather situation. If school boards and local schools close for the day, it does not necessarily mean that Dawson will also close. Please monitor your Dawson email, the College website and Omnivox to hear directly from the College.

When weather situations develop overnight:

The College will aim to let students and employees know before 6 a.m. so they can check before leaving for the day.

In the case of severe weather developing over the day:

The College will communicate a decision to close early using the channels listed above.

For students in internships and clinical placements:

The decision to cancel a shift or work day usually belongs to the employer or internship/clinic partner institution. If there is an exceptional situation, students will be notified by their program coordinator or teacher.

Last Modified: November 17, 2021