new branding D logo

With the input of more than 4,700 students, employees and others connected to the Dawson community, the College will be launching a refreshed and youthful brand in the New Year.

Dawson’s branding project began late last spring and involved consulting the entire Dawson community through surveys, focus groups with representative samples of the community and meetings with the management team.

Quality of programs and downtown location

Above all, the College is known for the quality of its academic programs and its fun downtown Montreal location. The diversity and innovation of the Dawson community are also strong attributes. Students and graduates are viewed as problem solvers, lifelong learners and creative people. A commitment to sustainability and well-being for all is the heart of Dawson and a connecting point to the broader community.

Some great comments about Dawson from the focus groups:

  • “I don’t have a job; I have a purpose.”
  • “We really do bleed blue.”
  • “There is a culture of concern for student success.”
  • “The walls have magic!”
  • “We risk, innovate and learn.”
  • “The diverse perspectives taught me about myself.”

Taking the best of Dawson and considering the College’s mission and values as well as the input, insights and goals of this caring, welcoming and innovative community, the process has ended with the delivery of Dawson College Brand Guidelines and assets to Dawson’s Communications Office, which is responsible for ensuring compliance with the new brand.

Opportunity to present Dawson clearly and consistently

“The refreshed brand of the College is an opportunity for Dawson to have a clear and consistent representation across all platforms and eventually also in our physical environment,” said Director General Diane Gauvin, who was part of the Dawson College Branding Committee that worked with SIVA Marketing. “In line with best practices, the new brand is fresh yet familiar and pays tribute to the College’s proud history.”

The new Dawson Brand Guidelines open with a page about Dawson that sets the framework for the articulation of Dawson going forward:

Dawson has built a solid reputation.

Dawson has played a vital role in Montreal’s rich educational culture since it opened its doors in September 1969. Its innovative academic programs and active campus life offer a stimulating environment to students both inside and outside the classroom, engaging a whole community of diverse young people, most on the verge of adulthood, their teachers and a dedicated staff.

Dawson is passionate about making an impact on the world. While remaining true to its traditions, it has boldly taken leaps into new areas of study, expanding its breadth and scope, working toward more inclusive, safer, cleaner and greener spaces within its own community and beyond. Dawson’s example reminds us about unity and resilience and inspires its community to be responsible and active.

The mission and values that drive the College – excellence, collaboration, innovation, creativity and well-being for all – have been integrated within its new unified brand identity.

Progression from old to new logos

Logo Progression v3

Above, you can see the progression of Dawson logos from old and about-to-be-retired logos of the original D and Dawson College to the four new logos, which will be used in different scenarios based on Dawson’s Brand Guidelines. The refreshed D is our mark and works great in digital applications. The Dawson College and Collège Dawson logos are to be used in more formal ways. Dawson is so well known across Quebec that the simply Dawson logo can be used as shorthand for Dawson College. It will be used in fun and creative applications.

Implementation of new brand begins in early 2022

The first phase of implementation will begin in January with a new look on our digital spaces, including the website and social media. Next fall, the 2023 Viewbook will feature the new brand. The full adoption and implementation of the new brand will happen in phases over several years.

Last Modified: December 1, 2021