Statement from Dawson College Nov. 17, 2023

Dawson College categorically dissociates itself from The Plant, student-run media funded by the Dawson Student Union (DSU). The DSU won independence from Dawson College in a legal decision rendered in 2005 and is fully autonomous from the College.

As such, The Plant is produced without academic oversight and is not, strictly speaking, journalism, but a collection of opinions and narratives that do not adhere to professional journalistic standards. This is true of the November issue, which focuses on the conflict in the Middle East.

Dawson College is working with the Dawson Student Union to address the issues that have been raised by the community since publication of the issue.

Our paramount concern is the well-being and safety of our students and employees.

Despite these heightened emotions, our College must be a safe place for everyone to learn and work. Dawson has a longstanding commitment to peace. We ask our students and employees to maintain respect, kindness and care for one another. There is no tolerance for violence or hate. The College has added security personnel and will intervene anytime the situation warrants it.

Last Modified: November 17, 2023