Take part in the worldwide BioBlitz at Dawson April 29

People around the world will be participating in a four-day BioBlitz April 26-29, including students, staff, alumni, retirees, friends and neighbours of Dawson on Monday, April 29. Take a break and drop by the Peace Garden* at Dawson anytime between 3 PM and 6 PM on April 29. This global BioBlitz is part of the City Nature Challenge.

The Dawson community and friends are closing in on our goal of identifying 1,000 species on campus and you can help us identify the last 174 species to reach our goal! The Sustainability team will welcome you, help you out and lend you field guides, insect nets and binoculars.

To be ready to add your observations, download the free iNaturalist app and create an account; see our iNaturalist Tutorial Video. Once you have an iNaturalist account, join the Campus Biodiversity Network – Dawson College Project so your observations can count toward our 1,000 species goal.

Beverages and snacks will be offered to participants in the 2E Gazebo (near the parking lot).

Photo by Doug Smyth


*Dawson’s Peace Garden is located inside the campus near the corner of Wood Avenue and Sherbrooke Street West. Directions for visitors: walk into the campus at the main entrance (3040 Sherbrooke Street West) and turn right to walk right into the Peace Garden.

Last Modified: April 11, 2024