Admission Requirements

Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES), including:

  • Secondary V Language of Instruction
  • Secondary V Second Language
  • Secondary IV Science
  • Secondary IV Mathematics
  • Secondary IV History

or academic background judged equivalent to the DES. (Students with a DES missing any of the above subjects may be admitted, space permitting, but may be required to complete remedial courses.)

Specific ministerial admission requirements

  • Sec V Mathematics – Technical & Scientific option or Science option 564-506 or 565-506
  • Sec V Chemistry 551-504
  • Sec V Physics 553-504

*For students graduating before June 2010 or from an Adult Education Centre, the pre-requisites are Mathematics 536, Chemistry 534, and Physics 534.

Admission to the Science Program is competitive. If you meet all the requirements, you may be admitted directly to the program. However, you could be admitted to the Developmental Science Program if you have taken all the necessary pre-requisites, but your passing marks could be improved. Or, you could be admitted to the Explorations Science Program if you have not taken the pre-requisite courses. See the Developmental and Explorations Science program pages for more details. Conditional admission is based on Secondary IV final and Secondary V mid-term grades. Final admission into the Science Program is contingent on obtaining a DES which includes the pre-requisite courses with appropriate grades. The number of students that Dawson College can accept into the Science Program is limited; therefore students with the highest grades in high school have a better chance of being admitted. Outstanding students admitted to Science may apply to join Enriched Science (200.H1/P1), an enriched version of the program. Enriched Science students take their science courses as a group and benefit from a seminar series.

As part of the program, students have the opportunity to conduct research. Dawson is the only English-language college that offers students an opportunity to publish their scientific work in a journal entitled the Dawson Research Journal of Experimental Science (DrJes).


For general, non-program specific requirements, please consult the Admission Requirements page.

Application Deadline

  • March 1 (for Fall semester)
  • November 1 (for Winter semester)

Students who enter in the winter term are limited in their selection of courses since many courses are only offered either in the fall or the winter but not in both terms. Students are reminded to plan accordingly.

Last Modified: September 19, 2019