The Studio Arts Profile has, at the end of every semester, an Integrating Activity project for all of the graduating students in the Integrating Activity course. This entails a relatively self-directed visual and textual production which culminates in an exhibition, vernissage, and catalogue production. In the Winter semester this coincides with the C.A.L.L. festival,which involves a bringing together of all of the arts taught in the C.A.L.L. program. Besides the Studio Arts exhibitions, the festival includes literary events, theatrical works, musical performances, and film presentations.

During the course of the semester the C.A.L.L. program will be running a series of guest lectures in the various areas of the arts which are taught in the program. At times, these will be guest lectures open to the college at large or guest lectures specific to a particular interest or focus within one area of study within the C.A.L.L. program. Studio Arts has had guest artists come to classrooms for specific presentations of their work in an atmosphere of open discussion. Notice of these guest appearances is given to other Studio Arts classes so that as many students as possible can participate.

In the Winter semester, the Visual Arts program organizes a weekend trip to New York. This allows students to view cutting-edge contemporary art, Modern art, and key pieces from the Renaissance and various other historical periods. Seats are usually available for students from the Studio Arts profile who are interested and wish to participate after the Visual Arts Program seating has been fulfilled.


Marziah Rahmani


Patrick Shearing 


Sachiko Takeda


Wafa Younes

Last Modified: July 23, 2014