Co-Coordinator of Hellenic Studies
Jiri Tucker
Office: 5D.17
Local: 4497
Co-Coordinator of Hellenic Studies
Rui De Sousa
Office: 5D.25
Local: 4435

Hellenic Studies encompasses all courses and activities at Dawson College that include Greek language, history, literature, myth, drama, philosophy, art, and civilization. These courses focus on Greece in the ancient world but also consider Greece’s impact on our world today—from ancient poet Sappho to film star “Melina” Mercouri, from Homer’s Odysseus to shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, from the first Olympics to myth-inspired video games, from Alexander the Great to today’s European Union. Hellenic Studies is one of the oldest certificates at Dawson College and maintains close ties with the Greek Community of Montreal. Those who enroll in the certificate and complete three Hellenic Studies courses are awarded the Hellenic Studies Certificate upon graduation and are eligible to apply for the $1,000 scholarship awarded each year.

Original art by Grace Justy

Last Modified: August 17, 2023