Hellenic Studies courses are offered in a variety of disciplines, such as History/Classics, Languages, English, Philosophy etc. Here are some examples*:

  • Introduction to Classical Studies 332-101-DW
  • Greco-Roman World 332-115-DW
  • Egyptian Legacy 332-221-DW
  • Conflicts in the Ancient World 332-305-MQ
  • Reason and Truth in Ancient Greece 345-101-MQ
  • Critical Thinking and the Ancient World 345-101-MQ
  • History and Myth of Ancient Greece 345-101-MQ
  • World Views of the Ancients 345-102-MQ
  • Plato’s World 345-102-MQ
  • Greek Mythology 345-102-MQ
  • Ancient Greek World Views 345-102-MQ
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Greek Myth 345-BXH-DW
  • Plato’s Republic 345-BXH-DW
  • Literary Genres: Tragedy 603-102-MQ
  • Literary Genres: Comedy 603-102-MQ
  • World Literature 603-913-DW
  • Greek 1 615-102-DW / 615-BWL-DW
  • Greek 2 615-202-DW / 615- BXL-DW

(*Note: the list is not exhaustive; not all courses are offered every semester)

Last Modified: November 18, 2016