Courses Offered – Fall 2023

TitleCourse NumberSection NumberTeacher
Egypt, Greece and Rome332101DW1Leon, Michael
Egypt, Greece and Rome332101DW2Arvanitakis, Jan Alexandros
Greco-Roman Tradition332115DW1Tucker, Jiri
Egypt, Greece and Rome3321N1DW1Leon, Michael
Egypt, Greece and Rome3321N1DW2Arvanitakis, Jan Alexandros
Introduction to Philosophy340101DW1Mosquera, Gerardo
Introduction to Philosophy340101DW2Mosquera, Gerardo
Introduction to Philosophy340101DW4Mosquera, Gerardo
Introduction to Philosophy3401N1DW1Mosquera, Gerardo
Introduction to Philosophy3401N1DW2Mosquera, Gerardo
Introduction to Philosophy3401N1DW4Mosquera, Gerardo
Ancient Philosophy340910DW1Mosquera, Gerardo
The Examined Life345101MQ6Farnham, Derrick
The Examined Life345101MQ12Farnham, Derrick
The Examined Life345101MQ32Farnham, Derrick
Medieval Civilizations345102MQ13De Sousa, Rui
Worldviews of the Ancients345102MQ14De Sousa, Rui
Introduction to Ethics345BXHDW20Allen, Sarah
Greek 1615111DW1Tourkomanoli, Irene
Greek 1615BWL031Tourkomanoli, Irene

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