Hellenic Studies is a term that encompasses all courses and activities at Dawson College that concentrate on Greek language, history and civilization. The Hellenic Studies Center has been part of Dawson College since 1986; it is the only Center of its kind at the CÉGEP level, actively promoting Greek language and culture, and maintaining close ties with the Greek Community of Montreal and representatives of Greece in Canada.

Hellenic Studies courses are offered in a variety of disciplines, such as History/Classics, Languages, English, Philosophy etc. Here are some examples*:

  • Introduction to Classical Studies 332-101-DW
  • Greco-Roman World 332-115-DW
  • Egyptian Legacy 332-221-DW
  • Conflicts in the Ancient World 332-305-MQ
  • Reason and Truth in Ancient Greece 345-101-MQ
  • Critical Thinking and the Ancient World 345-101-MQ
  • History and Myth of Ancient Greece 345-101-MQ
  • World Views of the Ancients 345-102-MQ
  • Plato’s World 345-102-MQ
  • Greek Mythology 345-102-MQ
  • Ancient Greek World Views 345-102-MQ
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Greek Myth 345-BXH-DW
  • Plato’s Republic 345-BXH-DW
  • Literary Genres: Tragedy 603-102-MQ
  • Literary Genres: Comedy 603-102-MQ
  • World Literature 603-913-DW
  • Greek 1 615-102-DW / 615-BWL-DW
  • Greek 2 615-202-DW / 615- BXL-DW

(*Note: the list is not exhaustive; not all courses are offered every semester)

Students in any program of study can take Hellenic Studies courses.

The Hellenic Studies Certificate is an attestation that a student has completed three courses at Dawson that have a strong focus on Greek history, culture, and/or language. Any student in any program can enroll in the Certificate; students in certain programs (ex. Sciences, technical programs), may be less flexible in their choice of courses.

To register, sign in to your MyDawson Portal.

  • Click on My Intranet.
  • Click on “Certificates of Study.”
  • Select “Hellenic Studies Certificate.”
  • Fill in the information, click submit, and you’re in!

This is a monetary award of $1,000 that is offered by the Hellenic Studies Centre to a student who has enrolled in the Hellenic Studies Certificate and has taken (or is in the process of taking) three Hellenic Studies courses at Dawson, is in good academic standing, and is graduating from Dawson College this May. For more information, please visit the Dawson Awards and Scholarships page.

To Apply: Eligible students will receive a MIO with application instructions.

Application Period: Winter Semester Awards

You can contact Anne Thorpe, either by phone at (514) 931.8731, local 4340, or by e-mail at athorpe@dawsoncollege.qc.ca or Jiri Tucker either by phone at (514) 931.8731, local 4497, or by e-mail at jtucker@dawsoncollege.qc.ca. The Hellenic Studies Center is located in Room 5D.7.

Check out the following link for information on Modern Greek Studies at McGill University.

Last Modified: February 14, 2022