Admission Requirements

  • A Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or academic background judged equivalent to the DES
  • Sec IV Mathematics – Cultural, Social & Technical option 563-404/414†
  • Sec IV Science 555-404/444 OR 557-406/416†
  • Letter of intent
  • Portfolio

† For students graduating before June 2010 or from an Adult Education Centre, the prerequisites are Mathematics 436 and Physics 534.

Additional Information

NoteThe letter of intent and portfolio submission will be accepted electronically within the Application Centre as of February 8th.

Letter of Intent

Tell us about yourself and your reasons for choosing our program. You may choose to respond to the questions outlined below.

  • What made you choose to study industrial design?
  • Identify programs of study or individual courses you may have taken which indicate your relevant creative and/or technical skills.
  • What aptitudes and abilities do you have that make you a good candidate for this program?
  • What do you see yourself doing after completing the program?
  • What are your professional goals after completing the program?


Submit 10 specific portfolio items: 5 drawings, 3 photos, 2 designs

Each item: drawings, photos and designs will be submitted as a separate file in jpeg

  • Make sure your image quality is high. If scanning artwork, use colour mode whether or not the images are black and white. If reproducing by photo using a camera or your phone, use good light, make sure photos are in focus, parallel to the image (no distortion), and cropped to the edges of the artwork. The image size limit will be 10MB per image.
  • Identify your files using the following naming convention: “Lastname_1Drawing” …etc. ( ex: SMITH_1Drawing.jpeg, SMITH_2Drawing.jpeg, SMITH_3Drawing.jpeg, SMITH_4Drawing.jpeg, SMITH_5Drawing.jpeg , SMITH_6Photo.jpeg, SMITH_7Photo.jpeg, SMITH_8Photo.jpeg, SMITH_9Design.jpeg, SMITH_10Design.jpeg ).
  • Use HB pencil on 8 ½” x 11” white paper for the 5 drawings. ( i.e refrain from using computer aids. )

List of Portfolio Items to submit:

  1. Drawing: A Clothes Iron or a Toaster in Perspective
  2. Drawing: A Door Knob or Door Handle in Perspective
  3. Drawing: A Home Dining Chair or Kitchen Chair in Perspective
  4. Drawing: A Computer Mouse in Perspective
  5. Drawing: A Spatula in Perspective (Used to Flip Eggs)
  6. Photograph Taken by You of Any Subject that Shows Artistic Qualities*
  7. Photograph Taken by You of any Subject that Shows Artistic Qualities*
  8. Photograph of any 2D artwork/ technical drawing that you created.*
  9. Design: Photograph of a Physical Object, Sculpture or “Product” Constructed of any Material, that you Created and Made*
  10. Design: Photograph of a Physical Object, Sculpture or “Product” Constructed of any Material, that you Created and Made*

* For items 6 – 10 please include a brief 50 word (max.) description explaining your item.
Put all descriptions into one PDF with the naming convention “LASTNAME_description” ( Ex: SMITH_description.pdf )

Application Deadline

March 1

Last Modified: October 8, 2020