Have you ever thought it would be interesting to work with another teacher in your classroom?  

  •  To bring different disciplinary perspectives into your classes 
  •  To create interesting class-based projects that allow students from different courses, or even programs, to work together 
  •  To combine your respective expertise and time to design learning opportunities that enable your students to interact with the wider Dawson and Montreal community 

But then you gave up on the idea, thinking the practical challenges were too difficult to manage?

Drop by the information sessions on Thursday, September 29 in the Rose Lounge 7C.5 , and find out how the Learning Communities project can help you advance your team-teaching vision.  Discover several different team-teaching formats already in use at Dawson, and get the details on how to develop a proposal for the Winter 2023 phase of LC course development.

  •  LC “Lite” Session: How to begin team-teaching with a minimum level of hassle – 1:00-2:00 
  • Open Q&A Drop-In: Focus on General Education and Social Science departments and Certificate courses –  2:00-3:00 
  • Open Q&A Drop-in: Science Sector focus – 2:30-4:00  

Last Modified: September 30, 2022