Call for New Learning Communities Projects – Winter 2022


Faculty interested in integrative learning and collaborative curriculum development are invited to submit a proposal to participate in the Winter 2022 phase of Dawson’s Learning Communities project. Proposals will be welcomed from sectors where LCs have already been implemented (Science, Social Science and Certificates/General Education), and equally from other programs and profiles (Pre-U and Careers) interested in developing new curricular structures that prioritize interdisciplinary team-teaching and integrative learning.

Types of projects

For Winter 2022, two kinds of project proposals are possible:

1) Projects with teacher release for Winter 2022, developed in collaboration with other project teams and LC leads over the W22 semester. Collaboration includes in-person meetings, use of Teams as well as LC design platform. New course implementation in F22 or W23.

2) Projects without release, developed autonomously and on an extended timeline, using the LC course design platform with consultations as needed with LC leads. Implementation within two years.

Proposals involving teacher release for W22 must be submitted to Karina D’Ermo at the Office of Academic Development (OAD) by Friday October 1.   See “How to apply below” to access proposal application form. Up to 6 sections of release will be available for W2021.

Proposals without release should be submitted to Karina D”Ermo by Friday, November 26.

Faculty are advised to assemble a team of project collaborators and propose 1 or 2 project leads.  Department chairs, program coordinators and Deans must be informed of the application.  Proposals will be reviewed by the LC Coordinating Committee (see membership below).

Project contexts

Learning Communities are identified in Dawson’s Strategic Plan 2016-2021 as one of several strategies for the successful development of the learning outcomes of the Graduate Profile.

Applicants should review format options for LC courses before completing their proposal.

As well, recent course development projects from W20 and W21, the Dawson LC workplan for 2020-2022, and an overview of the learning community model and integrative learning in higher education may be helpful.

Building on the LC developments that have already taken place in Science, Social Sciences, and Certificates, the LC Coordinating Committee has identified several priority areas that proposals for W22 are invited to address:


  • Projects aiming at a better integration of contributing disciplines (Math, Biology, Physics or Chemistry) in career or pre-university programs.
  • Projects developing interdisciplinary connections in the Science program.

Social Science

  • Projects offering thematic course clusters for first-year General Social Science Students
  • Projects that develop thematic course clusters in the Methods Sequence
  • Projects that develop interdisciplinary connections within Profiles of the Social Science Program.
  • Projects that develop interdisciplinary connections between Biology or Math and other Social Science disciplines

Certificates and General Education

  • Projects developing Gen Ed certificate-themed interdisciplinary paired courses; team-designed/team-taught 365 Contemporary Issues courses; team-designed/team-taught General Education disciplinary and/or certificate themed courses; or any certificate-related course that connects classroom learning to out-of-class co-curricular activities.
  • Projects creating LC opportunities for integrative learning within and across Certificates.

How to apply

View the LC Project Proposal form here. Complete and send directly to Karina D’Ermo by October 1 (for project with release) or November 26 (for projects without release).


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Learning Communities coordinating committee with any questions regarding your proposal: Ian MacKenzie (LC Project Lead), Pat Romano (Certificates and General Education), Jean-François Brière and Annie-Hélène Samson (Science), Lisa Steffen (Social Science).

Last Modified: September 21, 2022