Policy on Sexual Violence Update

The Policy on Sexual Violence of Dawson College came into effect on Sept. 1, 2019. Each year, the Standing Committee must review the policy and make revisions if necessary.

The Standing Committee met June 1 and established a review subcommittee, which met Sept. 9. The review process will begin with a survey for employees and a survey for students, both to be deployed Sept. 29.

Based on the survey data and the experience of people who have used the policy, the review  subcommittee will draft recommendations for revisions to the policy, which will be sent to all members of the Standing Committee. A final document will be presented to the Board of Governors at their Nov. 24 meeting.

The implementation of the policy included a Sexual Violence Prevention Training for all students and employees in late 2020 and early 2021.

All students will be sent an Omnivox document prior to the survey launch to inform them about the policy and to invite them to do the mandatory training, which is called Sexual Violence Prevention Training and is found under the Student Services menu in Omnivox.

All new employees upon their integration will be sent the link inviting them to do the mandatory Sexual Violence Prevention Training.

New employees and those who have not yet completed their mandatory training can choose to do it in English or in French:

To access the video training:

Go to: https://moodle.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/course/view.php?id=23959

  • You don’t need to download software or sign up for an account
  • Use your Dawson College network login
  • Look at the top menu
  • Select: My Courses
  • Select: Sexual Violence – Employees

The Committee for the Prevention of Sexual Violence will be asked to meet in the coming weeks in order to come up with ways to promote the policy as well as to discuss further training.

Last Modified: September 16, 2021