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Wednesday, Sep. 15, 2021

Academic News, Campus Life, Peace Centre, Sustainability, Well-being for all

Students discover Sustainable Happiness on Living Campus tour

Students in Melanie Doyle's Peace and Sustainable Happiness Advanced Studies in Psychology class were the first people to take a Living Campus Tour with a Sustainable Happiness theme on Sept. 13.

Led by Jennifer De Vera of the Sustainability Office and Azra Khan of Human Resources, both trained Sustainable Happiness facilitators, the tour began at the vegetable garden near the Upper Atrium, known as the Theatre Garden. It was offered as part of Dawson's Peace Week 2021 Program.

The students were taken on an outdoor tour that included about 10 stops, including the Peace Garden, the White Pine tree and the rooftop gardens.

In this photo, students Cassandra (left) and Thitrinh participate in an activity on the steps just outside the Upper Atrium. Jennifer and Azra distributed colourful chalks and invited the students to write a few words that make them happy on the steps. At the end of the exercise, the steps were full of colourful happy words. Cassandra's and Thitrinh's words were: coffee, music, animals and family, books, painting.

Employees and students who would like a tour are invited to contact the Sustainability Office to register: 

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Counterpart: students photograph students

The project Counterpart: Students Photograph Students opened last week at the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery.  Rhonda Meier, gallery administrator, asked one of the project organizers, Peter Berra, 7 questions about it.

Click Read More to go the homepage story.

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Facilities Management

Time to review emergency procedures

It is the responsibility of all staff, faculty and students of Dawson College to be familiar with the College’s Emergency Procedures. These cover what to do in the event of medical issues or emergencies, evacuations, fires, lockdowns, toxic chemical or gas spills. This same information is also available in the MyDawson Portal (Omnivox), which features a red link to Emergency Procedures.

The most common emergency is medical in nature. It is important to know that College Security is responsible for medical emergencies and security agents are trained first aiders. For physical or mental health issues and emergencies, call ext. 1000 or go to the Security Desk at 2E.14. More info on medical emergencies here.

Fire safety regulations require Dawson College to run an evacuation exercise every year. The fire drill will be held in the second half of October. More information will be communicated in October.

Click Read More to go the College Emergency Procedures webpage.

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Human Resources, Policy on Sexual Violence, Student Services

Policy on Sexual Violence Update

The Policy on Sexual Violence of Dawson College came into effect on Sept. 1, 2019. Each year, the Standing Committee must review the policy and make revisions if necessary.

The review process will begin with a survey for all students and all employees on Sept. 29.

Click Read More for further details as well as a link to the training, which is mandatory for all employees.

Read More - Policy on Sexual Violence Update

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Orange Shirt Day is Sept. 30

Several events are being planned at Dawson for Orange Shirt Day on Thursday, Sept. 30.  A committee including Student Services staff, faculty, the Peace Centre, the Dawson Student Union and others has been planning this in consultation with Indigenous employees.

The annual day opens the door to global conversation on all aspects of Residential Schools. It is an opportunity to create meaningful discussion about the effects of Residential Schools and the legacy they have left behind.  It is a discussion all Canadians can tune into and create bridges with each other for reconciliation. It is a day for survivors to be reaffirmed that they matter, and for those who have been affected. Every Child Matters, even if they are an adult, from now on.

Says Diana Rice of the Peace Centre and member of the organizing committee: "September 30th is simply one day, but the committee wanted to provide the Dawson community with a variety of activities leading up to and beyond the national Day of Mourning. The events are aimed to underscore the need to meaningfully engage in the work of decolonization across systems as allies with Indigenous folks, and that this is life work - an ongoing journey that has no specific end.

"We hope to provide people with opportunities to learn about the cruel ongoing legacy of colonization across Turtle Island, the ways in which we dismantle it, as well as showcase the power of Indigenous joy and resurgence.  It was critical to the events committee that we included joy and resurgence as a thematic lens because too often Indigenous nations across Turtle Island are only viewed from a position of trauma, which is irresponsible and inaccurate.

"Our responsibility is also to honour the more than 600 different nations across Turtle Island for their incredible contributions. Settlers have an enormous responsibility to repair the damage we have caused for 500 years. As an educational institution, we can support that by ensuring that our students are aware of their responsibilities, and our history as a nation, as well as our broader community. Our hope is that these events are a small step in the journey of each member of our community while they are here at the College and even when they leave our doors."

Click Read More for more information about events and participating.

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Peace Week continues until Sept. 22

Peace Week continues until Sept. 22.

Noteworthy events coming up:

Sept. 17 at 1 p.m.: Indigenous Scientific Knowledges Deserve Protection and Respect with Dr. Warren Cardinal-McTeague. Open to the Dawson Community.

Sept. 21 at 2:30 p.m.: Relationships as Legacy and Future for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples (virtual event) with Dr. Tracy Lindberg.

Sept. 22 at 11 a.m.: Blackness and Liminality in Post-Secondary Education with Dr. Philip Howard (virtual event with collective viewing options in 3F.43) Faculty Professional Development Event.

Please note that registration is required for most events and that many are online. Click Read More to go the schedule with links to register.

Read More - Peace Week continues until Sept. 22

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Classes go gardening during Peace Week

Many classes, including Anna-Liisa Aunio's Individual and Society class, participated in gardening activities this week as part of Peace Week 2021.

Anna-Liisa's students, mostly in the Child Studies Profile of the Social Science Program, were weeding and documenting insects. They found bees, honey bees, spiders and katydids in the Peace Garden.

"They had so much fun!" Anna-Liisa said. Gardening at Dawson is often a first-time experience for students.

Photo: Anna-Liisa Aunio

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Dawson team reached close to the top!

Graduates of Royal West Academy wanted to continue playing Reach for the Top as they began CEGEP at Dawson last year.

The high school friends and teammates formed a Dawson team to compete in the Canadian academic quiz competition for high school and CEGEP students. The Dawson team went all the way to the nationals with the support of Emilie Richer, a faculty member of Dawson’s Mathematics Department.

Click Read More for the homepage story.

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Facilities Management

Ongoing renovations on campus


  • This project is phase IV of the renovation of the College’s washrooms, which have been ongoing since 2014.
  • Temporary washrooms are now available inside and outside the G wing (near the Theatre).
  • Work is expected to finish by the end of October.

Water proofing of foundations:

  • This work is required for the maintenance and upkeep of the building.
  • Work is expected to finish by the end of October.


This renovation is part of the College beautification project. It consists of renovating the space in order to brighten the area and make it more inviting to students and to provide students with a versatile space that can be used for group work, individual study or college-sponsored events.

Work is expected to finished by the end of September.

Dawson Professional Theatre, Dawson Talent

Shows are back! The Laramie Project opens Sept. 22

The Professional Theatre (Acting) Department at Dawson is excited to welcome audiences back to the theatre! A year of in-person productions is planned beginning with The Laramie Project (Sept 22-25) and Heavy Weather (Oct 6-9) at 8 pm.

In 1998, gay University of Wyoming Student, Matthew Shepard, was robbed, brutally beaten, and left to die, in a hate crime that shook America. The Laramie Project is the result of over 200 interviews with the townspeople of Laramie, as they grapple with their identity in the face of this horrific crime. The Laramie Project allows audiences to reflect and engage with issues such as homophobia, hatred, intolerance and fear, leading to a truly transformative piece of theatre.

Tickets must be booked in advance. Reservations can be made by emailing, calling the box office at 514-931-5000 or by messaging the Facebook page:

The VaxiCode app is required for entry into the theatre, and masks must be worn at all times.

Read More - Shows are back! The Laramie Project opens Sept. 22

Faculty Hub

Over at the Faculty Hub

Congratulations! Four faculty projects received Entente Canada-Quebec (ECQ) grants:

Read more about the projects

Dawson Communities of Practice will be selecting fellows for the winter semester. To learn more about what they do, and how to apply – chat with the leads at their Virtual Open House on Tuesday, September 21 from 2:30-3:45. Join the session from the Faculty Hub website.

The wind at your back: How to tap into students' emotions to inspire deep learning - facilitated by Jeff Gandell (English, WID). This virtual workshop will take place on September 29 from 2:00-3:30. Join from the Faculty Hub website.

DALC Meet-ups will take place every week throughout the semester.  Visit the DALC website for more info.

Ed-Tech virtual office hours will be held from 10-11am every other Friday starting September 24. Join in via the Faculty Hub website.

Dawson Gives, Peace Centre, Student Services

Help us fill up the Giving Tree for our students in need

Your donations of food are needed to replenish the Giving Tree set up in the Upper Atrium near the Tim Hortons. It will benefit our students who visit the Food Bank in the Financial Aid Office.

Some items that are especially needed include: tampons, pads, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, floss, shampoo, conditioner, soap, body lotion. All non-perishable food and personal hygiene products are welcome. Just check the expiry date before dropping off.

The Giving Tree is your way of celebrating Peace Week until the end of day Sept. 17.

Dawson Gives, Student Services, Well-being for all

Successful blood drive with Héma-Québec

Héma-Québec was on site for the first time since the pandemic began on Sept. 14-15. The major difference was that all blood donations had to be done by appointment only.

College Nurse Julie Gosselin (Student Services) happily reported that close to 100 members of the Dawson community rolled up their sleeves to save lives and help sick or injured people. It is the 50th anniversary of Dawson's partnership with Héma-Québec.

Thanks to all who donated blood!

Academic News, Campus Life, Well-being for all

CRLT taking classes outside and learning from Nature

The students are back and enjoying many elements of college life that were not possible last year. Students in the Community, Recreation and Leadership Training Program have had regular opportunities to enjoy our Living Campus and to do learning activities both on campus at Dawson and off-campus at the Centre de Plein Air Notre Dame de Fatima on Île-Perrot.

Faculty member Myka Taylor said that CRLT faculty “worked hard to still provide the whole program experience to all students.” Their goal was to provide a positive outdoor social experience for all years of the program.

CRLT students have been often spotted outdoors in recent weeks as the teachers make full use of the College’s natural outdoor setting. “CRLT teachers have used our urban Nature as a catalyst in promoting personal and group growth,” Myka said.

Photo: Debbie Resurreccion

Sustainability, Well-being for all

Spring bulbs on sale Sept. 20-21

The Sustainability Office  has ordered about 1,500 tulip, daffodil and hyacinth bulbs to sell to the Dawson community to promote well-being for all. The bulbs will be available for sale at the Peace Garden on Monday, Sept. 20  and Tuesday, Sept. 21 from 12- 2 p.m.  They will cost $1 each. 

After the sale, there will be a bulb planting event in the Peace Garden and the Dawson community is welcome to help. The bulb planting will be on Wednesday, Sept. 22 from 12-2 p.m..

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Sept. 13 was 15th anniversary and day of remembrance at Dawson

Sept. 13 was the 15th anniversary of the Dawson shooting. On Sept. 13, 2006, student Anastasia De Sousa lost her life, others were injured and many experienced trauma. For those who survived, including teachers and employees who still work at Dawson, the anniversary remains a difficult day. The Peace Garden (on campus near the corner of Sherbrooke and Wood) was established in memory of Anastasia. It was the site of quiet reflection on Monday:

Everyone in Montreal remembers that day and Dawson was in the news:



City TV 

The Montreal Gazette 

Photo: Jennifer de Vera 

Sustainability, Well-being for all

Thanks to the Monarch foster parents

Message from Jennifer de Vera of the Sustainability Office:

I would like to send a THANK YOU to all the returning and new Monarch foster parents. We successfully tagged approximately 160 monarchs this season! The Sustainability Office will be checking the site to see where and when they are spotted as they fly South on their migratory path to Mexico.

Many students, employees and faculty from all around Dawson participated. New and returning fosters came from HR, Registrar's, I.S.T., CLL, OAD, CRLT, Journeys, North/South, Biology. French and more! We are so happy to bring such joy during this time. As a close friend once told me, "We always say the Monarch project benefits the monarchs, but we often forget, it also benefits those who have raised them!" Well-Being for Al!

Until Monarch season 2022, my friends!

Photo: provided by first-time Monarch foster parent Dinah Palinkas, our Staff Health Nurse for COVID of Human Resources. She enjoyed the experience and met a very nice student who let her take this photo of the butterfly in his hands. 

Facilities Management

Unpleasant odours issue

We are aware of the unpleasant odours in some parts of the College. The Facilities Management team has been working hard to resolve the issue, working with various consultants and experts to help us identify the source of the odour. While there are no experts in odour detection, we have enlisted mechanical engineers, plumbers, roofing consultants and environmental engineers to help us. Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions. Inspections and testing are ongoing and we are eliminating possible sources of the odours.

The experts believe the cause may be related to the fact that the building was not used very much in the 16+ months since the shutdown in March 2020. They estimate that the problem lies in the plumbing.

If there is an odour problem in an area other than the areas we are already aware of, in 2D & 2E, 4A and 4B, please alert Facilities Management by calling 1200 or emailing Also, if the odour is interfering with your work, please speak to your manager. It may be possible to relocate you or find other arrangements.

The resolution of this problem is a major priority. We expect the situation to improve gradually over the next few weeks.

Facilities Management

Keeping the College safe and clean

Keeping the College clean

You are responsible for your garbage, recycling and compost:

  • Since 2018, employees have been responsible for sorting and discarding our own waste in an effort to make everyone more aware of waste management and to reduce our collective waste. This means all employees have to bring our garbage, recycling and compost out to the waste sorting stations in the corridors. If you need waste bins, please come get a mini one in 2E.21. Thanks to your collaboration, the College has made great improvements in reducing waste!

Cleaning schedule:

  • Washrooms are cleaned based on the frequency of use. Higher use washrooms are cleaned several times a day.
  • Classrooms, labs and common areas are cleaned every day. Offices are cleaned every week.

Keeping the College safe

  • 250 wall-mounted hand sanitizers were installed throughout the College. Please call 1200 or write to to report an empty hand sanitizer
  • Mask box holders have been installed at all mask changing stations and mask dispensers are on order.
  • Outdoor hang-out spaces: Four large tents were installed over picnic tables at various locations on the campus to provide more hang-out spaces for students and employees.
Campus Life, Dawson Talent

Employees and students welcome to join the Dawson Blues Band

Employees and students are welcome to join the Dawson Blues Band, formed during the working from home phase of the pandemic to bring cheer to the Dawson community. The musical group includes several faculty members and employees under the leadership of Vince Maggiore (Faculty, Business Administration). Practices will continue online.

This link takes you to their third release:

More info here:

If you are interested, email Vincent


DawsonITE Newsletter # 524

DawsonITE is your curated news related to IT and Education prepared by Dawson's Rafael Scapin. In this issue:

  • The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet
  • Gamification, Squared: Keeping Students Engaged with 2 Types of Gamification
  • Google's Incredible New Photo AI Makes 'Zoom And Enhance' a Real Thing

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