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Still a few days to participate in Amnesty International’s write-a-thon

December 15th, 2020

On Thursday, Dec. 10, 10 Dawson students and faculty marked the International Day of Human Rights with Amnesty International's write-a-thon (, which aims to bring attention to 10 cases of injustice around the world.

Since 2000, 75% of the 169 people who have been targeted for this campaign have been freed!  In one hour, we were able to complete letters for approximately 5 out of the 10 cases highlighted, which will amount to over 50 letters, and will contribute to the thousands that were written from people all over the world.

If you were unable to attend, but would still like to participate, here is a link to the recording of the session: .If you have completed or will complete letters, please let Daniel Goldsmith know (via MIO) how many by next Friday, Dec. 18 so he can send numbers to Amnesty to include in their count.


Most exams moved online

December 1st, 2020

Even though most exams will not be in person, there is still a great need for invigilators to maintain academic integrity online.  More news will be forthcoming about staffing. To read the news release issued to media on Friday, click Read More.


ALC University/Careers Fair – Fall 2020

November 19th, 2020

The ALC University/Jobs Fair is on this week through Friday. Faculty from local universities are invited to discuss studies in ALC related fields. This year’s Fair will take place across different days and terms. For this term, we have presentations next week from Concordia faculty: Communication Studies, Design + Computational Arts, Film Production, Film Studies, Journalism, Studio Arts and Translation.

Next term we will invite guests from Art History, Creative Writing and English. Stay tuned! For more information, contact Cheryl Simon at

Beehive pic

Today @10: Discover the world of bees

November 19th, 2020

Join the Virtual Bee Workshop with students in the Environmental Studies Profile Thursday November 19, 2020 Time: 10:00am Join the Bee

Diana Rice

Peace Centre update

November 19th, 2020

Diana Rice, Coordinator of the Dawson College Peace Centre, is back on duty after 11 months of maternity leave.

“I am excited to get back to work, dream big and continue to collaborate across the College with faculty, staff, professionals and management,” Diana said. “I will begin to plan online Peace Centre activities for the Winter Semester. As always, I welcome the whole community to contact me with your ideas or requests for support.”

Dean of Academic Development Catherine LeBel has also assigned Diana a supporting role as a pedagogical counsellor to faculty involved in certificates.

“We are happy to have Diana back and grateful for the service of Ildikó Glaser-Hille,” said Catherine. “Ildikó ​ did a great job as the interim programming coordinator of Dawson’s Peace Centre. She followed through on Diana’s plans and also made her own unique contribution to the mandate of the Peace Centre. It was a smooth and fruitful collaboration.”


Practice your French with The CLÉO Podcast

November 19th, 2020

Dawson’s French-language tutoring centre, CLÉO, is offering a new way to practice French and share québécois culture: The CLÉO Podcast.

The podcast (balado en français) episodes are between five to 10 minutes and are offered on an array of interesting topics, including author Gabrielle Roy, filmmaker Denis Villeneuve and Expo 67. The first one was about the classic québécois snack poutine!

Click Read More for the homepage news story and to find out how to listen.


Subscribe to CLÉO’s newsletter

November 3rd, 2020

Have you subscribed to CLÉO’s newsletter? It is an excellent source of information to find out all about CLÉO’s cultural and pedagogical services.

For the Fall 2020 semester, our new activities include:

  • A conversation and film workshops
  • Coaching for the OQLF exam
  • A brand new French language learning podcast, The CLÉO Podcast, now available on Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts.

You can book your spot for any of these activities right here. For the workshops, book your spot with the resources entitled "Short Film Club" and "Conversation Workshop - Roleplay".

The schedule and themes for the conversation and film workshops are available here.

For the OQLF coaching, book an appointment directly with a technician.

Subscribe to our newsletter here and get all the latest news from CLÉO.

Have a safe semester!

The CLÉO team:

Anne-Marie Turcotte

Florence Tétreault

Catherine Côté


It’s today! Virtual Open House runs Oct. 20-25

October 20th, 2020

You can help us spread the word to students in Sec.  IV and V and their parents:

Click Read More to go to the English homepage news story and a French version is available here.


Amplifying Sustainable Happiness

October 20th, 2020

Dawson participants, as well as many from outside the College, are experiencing the concept of Sustainable Happiness (SH) and exploring its implications, both personally and professionally.

During the next six months, SH facilitators will be offering programs for Dawson students, staff and managers. A program for another college will start next week.

A recent SH certificate was also just completed by Colleges and Institutes Canada staff in Ottawa, while a certificate offered in Spanish is on-going with an international group. Both external groups piloted the use of the SH Journal, also introduced to students within four Dawson psychology courses this semester.

Student Services will make 500 additional journals available to students, serving as a method that may help students distance from stress.

Sustainable Happiness programs review sustainability principles and actions that help us as individuals, help others, and/or help the planet. How these actions contribute to happiness, in turn, is identified as a component of well-being that involves positive emotions, satisfaction and fulfillment. Find more information about Dawson’s SH programs here.


Online experience of Dawson so far

October 20th, 2020

We spoke to a variety of teachers and students to find out how they are experiencing the online learning environment. While it is not ideal, Dawson College has to be online to keep the community safe. There are several positive things to appreciate and some new ways of doing things that will likely stay with us when we return to the campus.

Click Read More for the homepage news story.

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