Sustainable Happiness



What is Sustainable Happiness?


Sustainable Happiness is “happiness that contributes to individual, community and/or global well-being without exploiting other people, the environment or future generations”

Dr. Catherine O’Brien


Dawson College hosts Sustainable Happiness (SH) Certificate programs and continues to develop strategies to integrate this concept into curricula. Trained employees have completed their six month Facilitator Training Program. Support staff and management groups participated in our first peer-to-peer SH educational experience in 2020.

Participants in the certificate are introduced to the concept of sustainable happiness and explore its implications, both personally and professionally. This is an experiential and applied certificate. Key topics include: sustainability, connecting with Nature, positive psychology, well-being, happiness, and healthy/sustainable lifestyles.

Sustainable Happiness in classes and the workplace

Certificates, courses and introductory presentations are open to Dawson students and employees as well as to the external community. The sustainability office will coordinate in-person and online courses. For further information choose one of the options below.


Last Modified: September 9, 2020