Sustainability Plan

Dawson College has launched a Sustainability Plan which showcases progress, outlines goals for the future and reaffirms our commitment to the development of sustainable solutions to real-world problems.

Dawson Sustainability Office

The Dawson Sustainability Office exists to: 1) facilitate the achievement of sustainability goals and targets expressed within the College 2016-21 strategic plan goals and targets within an integrated sustainability program and, 2) to develop authentic projects that align with 21st century learning and existing curricula. As stated in the Dawson College mission, vision and values and the Dawson...

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The Dawson College Sustainability Policy and the current Dawson College 2016-21 Strategic Plan are the guiding governing documents for Sustainable Dawson. The sustainability policy was adopted by the Board of Governors and is reviewed by the Sustainable Dawson Steering Committee once every two to three years. Any policy changes are recommended to Senate and then,...

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Media & Publications

Press articles: Press Title Date International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change Sustainable Happiness, Living Campus, and Wellbeing for All 2019-02-03 Globe & Mail Living Campus reduces stress… 2019-03-05 Go Organic Canada Dawson’s 3 Sister’s Garden 2019-06-01 Montreal Gazette Monarch Butterfly & Climate Change 2019-01-01 Vancouver Sun Peace Garden 2018-09-05   In the News: News...

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Sustainability and Research

As of 2018, 31% of College staff doing research and 1.1 million dollars was related to sustainability projects. This is a significant accomplishment for a non-university setting. Dawson faculty are innovating, changing policies and contributing to capacity building in the field with the following projects: Department Study Title Start Date Biology Do soil fungal communities...

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Sustainable Event Checklist

Join many Dawson event organizers that are joining the ZERO WASTE movement and reviewing other simple options that consider social justice issues and ecological health when planning events, workshops or class activities.

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Waste Management

Dawson has an ambitious goal of reducing its landfill waste by 40% before 2020. This translates to about 84 tons less annually! In order to accomplish this objective, we will be installing new Waste Sorting Stations (hallway units that include garbage, compost and recycling) in the next few months, to encourage our community to separate their “trash” more carefully...

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Last Modified: February 20, 2019