3D Animation and Dawson college's Computer Generated Imagery student Second Place (tied): Angela Chiarelli for Outplayed

Dawson grads dominate Hudson Film Fest

Class of 2022 graduates of Dawson’s 3D Animation and Computer Generated Imagery Program won most of the prizes for emerging filmmakers at the 2023 Hudson Film Festival in April.

“We’re really proud of our students and their films,” said Charles Le Guen, Program Coordinator. “We hope more students opt to send their films to festivals! It’s great. We have a number of students who have sent their films to festivals and have also done well, although they don’t always tell us until later!”

The Dawson graduates who won prizes for this year’s edition of “Ben’s Screening Room” are:

Second Place (tied):
Angela Chiarelli for Outplayed

Second Place (tied):
Jonathan Valentine for The Nightwalker Film

Third Place:
Michael Leo for Murder of Crows

Honourable Mention:
Chelsea Alsbury for A Scratch in the Dark

Last Modified: May 17, 2023