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Read more about: Dawson Scholar Janice Harvey presents her new book

Dawson Scholar Janice Harvey presents her new book

March 26th, 2024

I was a member of the Dawson History-Classics department from 1975 to 2021 and during approximately 20 of those memorable years, I was also a researcher. I am grateful for the support provided by the College’s Research Office and many profitable discussions with colleagues. Most of my research has focused on the ideological, religious, and…

French teacher and poet launches book

October 25th, 2023

Marc-André Lévesque, a college French instructor, will release his fifth book of poetry, Tricératopcanon, in October. The book will be available in stores beginning October 17. A launch event was held Oct. 19 at the Atomic Café.

The book explores the theme of an impending apocalypse caused by dinosaurs reappearing on Earth, with everyday experiences related to dinosaurs forming the basis for most of the poems. The collection is written entirely in French, and includes several neologisms and a few citations in English.

Our Lady of Mile End is Sarah Gilbert’s first book

October 11th, 2023

Writer Sarah Gilbert (Faculty, English) was born in the United States, grew up in Winnipeg and lived in Ottawa before moving to Montreal. For the last three decades, the Mile End neighbourhood has been her home, and she chose it as the place where she would raise her daughter.

“The Mile End is a real muse. It is a very dense neighbourhood with a lot going on,” she said in an interview with Dawson’s Communications Office. “I had acquired tons of content without noticing it.”

Our Lady of Mile End (Anvil Press, 2023) is a collection of short stories about “gentrification and displacement in a once affordable area that is feeling the squeeze of social and cultural transformation.

“The overlapping lives—of girls and women, tenants and landlords, neighbours and strangers, the old generation and the next—chart the tensions and affections among people living in a community that has turned into a destination,” reads the description on the website of Anvil Press.

Sarah wanted her daughter to grow up somewhere where she knows the neighbours. When she had her baby, she had “a free pass to talk to anyone,” she said.

The fictional book project grew out of a blog Sarah created called Mile Endings in 2008. That project was journalistic and through it, Sarah documented the endings of neighbourhood businesses and characters and some of the new beginnings of the neighbourhood in transition.

The Mile End is still a real community, Sarah says, citing density and walkability as important factors in fostering community. Neighbourhood gathering spots, like the cafés, the library, the local grocery store and the school, are also important.

“I watch the neighbourhood by walking around,” she said. “There are neighbours who know each other and send their kids to the same school up the street and there are a lot of artists. There are people you see regularly who you may not know but they are part of your personal landscape.”

Ken Fogel presents new book to Library

May 31st, 2023

Ken Fogel (retired faculty, Computer Science) returned to Dawson on May 25 to present a copy of his new book, Transitioning to Java. The book will help non-Java developers transition from whatever language they are using now to learning Java.

Claire Elliott of the Library team was on hand to receive the book. She said it will be proudly displayed in the Books by Faculty bookshelf (visible in the photo)

Former Computer Science Faculty Ken Fogel publishes Transitioning to Java

April 19th, 2023

After a long career as a member of the Computer Science faculty at Dawson, Ken Fogel continues to work in his field. He has published a book entitled Transitioning to Java. The book will help non-Java developers transition from whatever language they are using now to learning Java.

Published by Packt, the book is already available on Amazon for Kindle download and the physical version will be available for purchase as of May 5, 2023. Download the book on Kindle.

Ken will also generously be donating copies of Transitioning to Java to the Dawson College library, so it will soon be available there as well.

Literary duo Arizona and Heather O’Neill share thoughts on Dawson experience

March 22nd, 2023

Ahead of their guest appearance at a Dawson Reads event on March 22, Arizona O’Neill (Fine Arts, 2013) and Heather O’Neill (Social Science, 1992) shared some thoughts on their Dawson experiences, the creative process and writing. Thanks to organizer and English teacher Sarah Gilbert for interviewing the mother-daughter duo.

For the short Q & A with the O'Neills, visit the link below.

Read more about: Special invitation from Andrew Katz

Special invitation from Andrew Katz

September 21st, 2022

On Sunday, Sept. 25 at 10:30 a.m. at De Still Books in the Plateau (351 Duluth Ave E.), Andrew Katz (English) will be celebrating the official launch of the English version of his book, A STARLIT TRIP TO THE LIBRARY. Kid-friendly event and all are welcome! Read the Montreal Review of Books review of A…

There’s a new French article database at the Library!

April 6th, 2022

Cairn is a French-language platform which provides full-text access to French-language popular magazines (nine), scholarly journals (500+), and e-books (14,000+) on topics ranging across the humanities and social sciences. Popular magazine titles include Pour la science, Cerveau & psycho, and Sciences humaines.

Create a Cairn account (Mon Cairn) and build reading lists, retrieve consulted articles, get weekly newsletters of new content, and follow authors and/or journals to be alerted when they publish something new.

Questions? Email us at Ask-a-Librarian.

Andrew Katz contributed to new series of Blue Met audio stories

February 16th, 2022

Metropolis bleu / Blue Metropolis just released a series of original audio stories for kids, in English and French, that they commissioned around the theme of ecology, the environment and sustainability. Andrew Katz (Faculty, English) is the author of one of the stories. “It was a great pleasure to have gotten the chance to write and record one of them, alongside two terrific creators for young people, Mireille Messier and Sylvain Rivard. Special thanks as well to Holly Gauthier-Frankel for her invaluable voice coaching,” Andrew wrote.

You can give "Jackie's Window" and the other two stories a listen here.

Read more about: Anti-racist videos help teachers dismantle racism and colonialism in the classroom

Anti-racist videos help teachers dismantle racism and colonialism in the classroom

January 19th, 2022

Our classrooms can mirror oppressive structures in our society. Those who wish to build an anti-racist future can work toward including more narratives, histories and teaching methods in their classrooms. This was the message of Jamilah A.Y. Dei-Sharpe, who gave the closing presentation at Intercollegiate Ped Day 2022 on Jan. 14 and presented her Anti-Racist…

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