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AI Book recommendation

December 15th, 2020

Last month, Vanessa Gordon (Faculty, Political Science) had the pleasure of attending FWD50, an annual gathering of some of the world's leading public sector innovators. Spanning five days and featuring well over 200 speakers, this year's theme addressed how to use technology to bring people together. Vanessa sent this note to D News:

As a Dawson Artifical Intelligence (AI) fellow, I was there to learn about how to teach AI at school: it didn't disappoint! Dr. Paris Buttfield-Addison was one of the stand-outs. He gave a compelling talk about AI in Australian school education. He also recommended the book "Future Frontiers: Education for an AI world", available here:

This is a work where sci-fi and education meets. For example, I learned that by the time my kids are my age, AI is forecast to outperform humans in all tasks. What does this mean for my kids?

As the Aussies say: "This is a lot to do. A lot." This book courageously attempts to elucidate the new skills and values that today's kids will need to live good lives in this world of exponentially evolving AI technologies.

This Christmas, I plan to keep reading this book, along with William Gibson's Neuromancer. Here's to time well spent!

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DawsonAI Updates: Renewing the Call for College-Wide Collaboration

October 20th, 2020

Dean of Academic Initiatives Ray Bourgeois Retires This past summer, Dean of Academic Initiatives Ray Bourgeois retired. The Director General Richard Filion tasked Ray with managing the DawsonAI initiative as the early-stage work of the steering group developed. Ray guided DawsonAI to author its three-year plan, to launch the initiative with immediate impact across the…

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Update from DawsonAI

June 9th, 2020

In April 2019, the Board of Governors of Dawson College approved DawsonAI Initiative:  an ambitious, multi-faceted three-year strategic effort to better prepare our students for a future which will be increasingly shaped by new technologies such as Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and Big Data. The largest fraction of the approved financing is for the DawsonAI multi-disciplinary Community of Practice. CoP Fellows are faculty who meet regularly and collaborate on developing portfolios of teaching resources in…

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An A.I. Fellow offers teaching material for your courses

May 12th, 2020

Robert Stephens, who teaches Philosophy as well as Humanities, and who was part of the first cohort of fellows of the AI-themed community of practice, is inviting any faculty member to explore and, if desired, make use of the teaching material that he has developed during his fellowship: Robert Stephens’ portfolio Robert’s portfolio includes many resources for those…

D News News Item – DawsonITE

DawsonITE Newsletter # 465

April 14th, 2020

DawsonITE is your weekly curated news related to IT and Education prepared by Dawson's Rafael Scapin. In this issue:

  • Innovative Schools Find Lessons — and Opportunities — in Remote Learning
  • Flattening the Online Education Curve
  • Why being connected really matters for students


Dawson AI welcomes eight new fellows

March 24th, 2020

With the goal of preparing our students for the pivotal role that artificial intelligence (AI) will play in both their personal and professional lives, Dawson College has instituted a multidisciplinary AI-themed community of practice consisting of faculty members who are committed to developing pedagogical material on AI-related themes and vulgarizing new AI developments to the larger Dawson community. Eight…


Lex Fridman podcast with Michael I. Jordan

March 3rd, 2020

Wolfgang Krotter (Creative and Applied Arts) recommends the Feb. 24 episode of Lex Fridman's podcast about artificial intelligence, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, and beyond. In podcast #74, Lex interviews Michael I. Jordan, one of the most influential computer scientists of our time, about Machine Learning (as opposed to Artificial Intelligence) and Recommender Systems. Available on YouTube; click Read More for link.


DawsonAI projects selected by PIA

March 3rd, 2020

Two projects that count DawsonAI as a partner have been selected by PIA to go forward. The organizaiton made the announcement Feb. 26. Here are the two DawsonAI projects:  How virtual assistants and applications powered by artificial intelligence can help promote student academic success. Comprising members from Dawson College, Concordia University and McGill University, the team…


Privacy and AI consultations Feb. 28 and March 6 at Dawson

February 25th, 2020

Are you concerned about artificial intelligence being used in an unregulated and ethically-questionable manner, and worried that industry is moving forward at breakneck speed with little oversight? Do you have opinions on how regulation can be used to protect the privacy of Canadians while not deterring leading-edge research and innovation? If so, join our discussion groups…

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DawsonAI Advisory Board met Feb. 13

February 18th, 2020

Dawson College hosted the second meeting of the DawsonAI Advisory Board, whose members represent key stakeholders from academia, industry, and the larger community, on Feb. 13. The DawsonAI team presented its ongoing progress from year one of the initiative, highlighting the grassroots curriculum development that emerged from the first cohort of the AI-themed Community of…

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