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Dawson retirees and silver anniversaries will be honoured at Recognition of Service

April 24th, 2024

Earlier this month, the invitations were sent out for the Recognition of Service cocktail and dinner, which will be hosted by Director General Diane Gauvin on Friday, May 24.

This cocktail and dinner reception is in appreciation of employees marking 25 years of service to Dawson as well as to thank recent retirees and those who are soon retiring.

“We are looking forward to celebrating our colleagues’ milestones,” said organizer Janet Pakulis, who is also the assistant to the Director General. “We take a lot of care to plan something truly special and memorable for them and we will celebrate them in style.”

Dawson 2024-2029 Strategic Plan prioritizes student development through the lens of well-being

February 7th, 2024

Over the next five years, Dawson College will deliver on its academic mission led by the overarching value of Well-being for All, which emphasizes the cultivation of a stimulating, inclusive and caring environment for learning and working.  Other core values of the plan include Student Achievement, Institutional Excellence, Collaboration, and Innovation and Creativity.

In its newly released 2024-2029 Strategic Plan, the College’s strategic goal setting is guided by the interrelationship between students, communities both internal and external to the College, and the environment. Emphasis will be placed on supporting students to develop as a whole person: to lead meaningful lives and take on rewarding work while considering the impact on others and the planet, all while prioritizing their own physical and mental health.

To read the rest of the homepage news story and to get a copy of the plan, visit the link.

Nominations open until Nov. 10 for Teaching Excellence Award

October 26th, 2023

Nominations for the Teaching Excellence Award are now open until November 10 at 11 p.m.

To submit a nomination, go to Omnivox and look for the item Teaching Excellence Award under the My Dawson Life menu.

Four teachers honoured with Teaching Excellence Award

October 25th, 2023

Four outstanding teachers at Dawson received the Director General’s Teaching Excellence Award on the occasion of Ped Day on Oct. 13:

  • Hannah Heath-Engel (Biomedical Laboratory Technology)
  • Audrey Juhasz (Mathematics)
  • Roger Machaalani (Chemistry)
  • Nicola Martino (Italian).

Please visit the link for the homepage news story.

Welcome Back event is Aug. 18

May 31st, 2023

To kick off the new semester, Director General Diane Gauvin and Academic Dean Leanne Bennett will be hosting a Welcome Back event for all staff and faculty on Friday, Aug. 18.

The event will include lunch and will take place in 3C.1 and the courtyard from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


Implementation of Dawson’s Strategic Plan to begin in Winter 2024

May 31st, 2023

The College has decided to delay the launch and implementation of its five-year Strategic Plan slightly in order to ensure the extensive consultation process thus far is properly considered.  The College plans to submit the Strategic Plan to the Board of Governors in Fall 2023 and begin implementation in Winter 2024.

“The consultation process on the Strategic Plan has been more extensive than ever before and we sincerely appreciate the feedback we’ve received from the community. We want to make sure the document reflects the richness of this feedback, so it is taking a little more time than originally expected,” said Leanne Bennett, Academic Dean.

In addition, the necessity to implement Bill 96-related measures on curriculum and admissions has kept many employees of the College quite busy, causing some delay in progress.

If you’d like an update on the activities and progress of the Strategic Plan Design and Writing Committee, visit the Strat Plan Teams site to view posts on the timeline for development of the plan and on some of the draft components developed so far. Feedback is welcome in the form of public comments on the posts.

The Strategic Plan Design and Writing Committee includes Sameer Bhatnagar, Quality Assurance and Planning; Cathy Giulietti, Executive Assistant, Academic Dean; Dianne Hawryluck, Academic Advising; Ian MacKenzie, Faculty; and Alan Stewart, Assistant to the Academic Dean.

Ministry financing for additional space to Forum confirmed

May 31st, 2023

The Ministry of Higher Education has confirmed funding for Dawson to rent additional space at the Montreal Forum for the next 5 years.

With this additional space, the Nursing Program will have quadruple the space for simulation, which can also be used by other programs, and an additional 90 square metres for their labs.

Plans are being developed to renovate the former Future Shop space on the second floor. It will accommodate the Nursing Program as well as one low tech active learning classroom and eight general use classrooms. There will also be a new student space where students can relax and study between classes.  The preliminary layout of the renovation has been provided by Facilities Management and can be viewed here.

This is a temporary response to Dawson’s space deficit of more than 11,200 square metres confirmed by the Ministry of Higher Education in December 2021. The College continues to work on a longer-term solution to the space deficit after plans for the construction of a new medical studies pavilion were officially cancelled by the Quebec government in late March 2022.

Dawson élabore une nouvelle politique sur la langue française pour se conformer à la loi 96

May 17th, 2023

Afin de se conformer aux nouvelles exigences de la Charte de la langue française du Québec, promulguées en 2022, le Collège Dawson est en train de réviser sa Politique sur la langue française initialement adoptée en 2003. Le ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur a donné à tous les cégeps du Québec jusqu’au 1er juin 2023 pour soumettre…

Read more about: Communications Policy and Digital Guidelines for Dawson College now in effect

Communications Policy and Digital Guidelines for Dawson College now in effect

May 3rd, 2023

In order to ensure the reputation and logo of the College are well-represented externally, Dawson College has prepared a Communications Policy under the Office of the Director General. It comes into effect this week. Read the full policy in English and French. The usage of an institutional logo or insignia like Dawson’s on any printed…

A conversation about rebuilding the Dawson community April 4

April 19th, 2023

Director General Diane Gauvin and Academic Dean Leanne Bennett held a town hall on April 4 about rebuilding the community after the pandemic. Over 50 people attended, with balanced representation from all employee groups.

As Diane and Leanne explained, the intent of the gathering was to explore how to strengthen the Dawson community and promote feelings of connectedness after the pandemic and the periods of imposed isolation. By examining what the community can do better to create a healthy, welcoming work environment, people can contribute to the well-being of students, themselves and the community itself. Given the various ways that people see the workings and benefits of community, Diane and Leanne recognized the importance of hearing different perspectives and of engaging people in discussions that will allow individuals to support each other and move forward collectively.

Participants engaged in a rich discussion during which six principal themes emerged: the positive and negative impacts of remote work; opportunities for employees to socialize and connect while participating in community activities; spaces to foster more social interactions; collaboration; communication; and ways of rebuilding community generally. To overcome isolation, rebuild community and help new employees integrate into the college, many people wanted more opportunities and spaces where they can interact socially. Interest in having both a staff lounge and dedicated time to participate in community activities was expressed a number of times. Some participants voiced frustration that remote work and online meetings make it difficult to find people in their offices, obtain immediate in-person service or have spontaneous interactions, while others found that remote work creates different opportunities to network with people and to work without distractions and interruptions that occur at the college.

To read more details about what was discussed, please visit this link.

Diane and Leanne thanked participants for sharing their valuable comments on the different ways of fostering community. They promised that there would be more town halls and, in the meantime, invited people who wanted to provide further feedback to send it to or

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Last Modified: April 25, 2024


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