7th Annual Peace Week Sept. 13 – 21

Welcome Back one & all! Come and join the Dawson College Peace Centre for our 7th Annual Peace Week. This year we examine our theme, Revolution & Metamorphosis. Revolution can often be associated with violent upheaval, however peaceful nonviolent action and imagination can be the necessary ingredients that precede metamorphosis.

This September, the Peace Centre invites you to think about how peaceful revolution, in thinking and action, is a meaningful pathway to fundamental positive social metamorphosis. What is revolutionary? How can revolutionary thinking support our need for system level and individual transformation? What concrete actions do we need to take to see a change in the world, that is so desperately needed, from climate justice to eliminating poverty? What are your obligations to yourself, your local community, as well as the global collective of human and non-human life? How can we support our students to be the facilitators of metamorphosis through peaceful revolutionary thinking? What can we learn from our students to support our own transformation? All our activities and speakers will attend to these critical questions in a world that is deeply complex, interrelated, and in desperate need of transformation. For the complete line up of all our incredible speakers, activities, registration links & more:

Peace Week Schedule – Peace Week (dawsoncollege.qc.ca)

As with every year, we begin our collaboration with the Sustainability Office to offer sessions in the gardens with your students. They will get their hands dirty, learn about Sustainability initiatives at the College, and critically this is an incredible way to create a sense of group cohesion through an amazing hands on co-curricular activity!

What about our speaker line up? Well, we have a treat for you!! We start the week with Dr. Sabrina Jafralie will host two scaffolded sessions on creating and facilitating Brave Spaces in the classroom for challenging conversations, we welcome our Keynote speaker legendary botanist, academic, and author Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, learn from Mel Riley Case about the fundamentals of anti-racist & inclusive pedagogy for the post secondary classroom, and our finale comes with Ayvaunn Penn,
academic, activist, and playwright.

Dawson Dinin’, is BACK. Once again, we are privileged to work & collaborate alongside with our amazing Dawson Student Union to bring free lunches to Dawson from September 13th –16th. If you are interesting in volunteering your time, please email Karina D’Ermo, kdermo@dawsoncollege.qc.ca.

Book your Blanket Exercise today! The Peace Centre is once again offering its services to book a Blanket Exercise activity during Peace Week. The Blanket exercise, developed by Indigenous community members from the KAIROS Canada organization, is an interactive activity which brings the group through the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada. It is an activity that enables an active reflection of our own history as well as our obligations as settlers within that history. When fully engaged with, it can be a truly transformative experience. This activity can work effectively within the context of the classroom with your students as well as your own department (faculty or other areas of service). Please contact Diana Rice, drice@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Diana Rice. We look forward to seeing you at all of the amazing moments that Peace Week has to offer. Best of luck to the start of term one and all!


Last Modified: August 24, 2022