DawsonAI News Fall 2022


Experiential Learning 

The Applied AI Institute at Concordia University is supporting a collaborative project between Concordia Continuing Education and Dawson College to develop experiential learning (EL) opportunities for students interested in AI. A call has gone out to Applied AI Institute members to recruit faculty who are interested in offering students experiential learning opportunities. The goal of this pilot, supported through Pôle IA, is to provide 6-8 cross-disciplinary projects for approximately 20 Dawson students. The students will be prepared with training in Python and AI research methods beforehand. The student internships, spanning 6-8 weeks, will take place at Concordia during the Winter 2023 semester.

The partnership between DawsonAI and AI Launch Lab  has provided approximately 70 Dawson students with the opportunity to learn AI through hands on workshops where they are learning principles of AI systems and AI ethics with the goal of applying that knowledge towards real-world problems and projects. The students have successfully reached the midpoint of the 8-week program.

AI Teaching Community of Practice

In the 4th cohort of the AI Teaching CoP this Fall there are five teaching fellows working on four curricular projects.

  1. AI revelations in Health Sciences
    Annie-Hélène Samson (Biology)
    Yoon-Seo Uh (Chemistry)
  2. AI and Psychology
    Caroline Chochol (Psychology)
  3. Exploring and Conveying the Societal Impact of Bias in AI
    Ellie Bodzay (Computer Science)
  4. Natural Language Processing; Communications Technology; Epistemology of Crowd-sourcing; Algorithms and Cryptography
    Brian Redekopp (Philosophy/Humanities)

DawsCon Conference and AI Challenge—save the date, March 24-26, 2023

DawsCon is back at Dawson College with Dawson hosting a free conference and weekend AI challenge aimed at students and educators of any background. Attendees will be exposed to a wide range of AI topics from ethics and bias to data manipulation and machine learning. Presentations are being invited from Dawson students and faculty from the AI Teaching and Research Communities of Practice, as well as partner organizations, external researchers, and industry professionals. Talks and presentations will take place on Friday, March 24. The day will end with networking and the AI Challenge kick off. The remainder of the weekend will be dedicated to workshops and the AI Challenge open to teams of college students.

Stay tuned for further updates on the presenters, as well as a full description of the AI Challenge.

Image: “Experiential Learning” created with StabilityAI

Last Modified: November 2, 2022