Sexual Violence Prevention Training must be completed by Jan. 31

Your sexual violence prevention training is now available. Dawson College is under legal obligation to have this policy in compliance with the Quebec Act to Prevent and Fight Sexual Violence in Higher Education Institutions.

As such, all employees must have completed the 40-minute training related to the Policy on Sexual Violence by Sunday, Jan. 31, 2021.

The training will help the College uphold a culture of respect and consent and is provided through an interactive video program. It is entitled It takes all of us: creating a campus community that values consent & is free of sexual violence.  

The training’s four modules cover:

  • Sexual Violence
  • Ethical Relationships
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Supporting Survivors.

About watching the videos:

Please ensure you click “I confirm” at the end of each of the four modules to confirm your training is complete for your Human Resources file

  • Access on desktop or mobile device
  • Begins with instructions about how to watch it
  • “Feeling overwhelmed?” button to access support or take a break at any time
  • Pause and come back to where you left off
  • Watch it all at once or module by module
  • Re-watch, in part or whole, anytime
  • Once you select the language, you are locked into that language preference for the whole series.
  • You must complete Module 1 to access Module 2, and Module 2 to access Module 3 and Module 3 to access Module 4.
  • Interactive features include multiple choice quiz and Q and A

Access the video training:

Last Modified: December 15, 2020