Social Science Week 2023 Banner
Social Science Week 2023 Banner

Social Science Week is Feb. 6-10

For Social Science Week 2023, we’ve got an exciting line-up of speakers with fascinating topics that touch on all of the Social Science disciplines taught at the College.

We are thrilled that Darryl Leroux will be here, speaking about issues of white supremacy and race-shifting in Quebec, a phenomenon where white people claim Indigenous identity to bolster their claims to land and other rights, which is a local example of the “Pretendian phenomenon”. We’ll have talks on Biomimicry and Afrofuturism by Ashley Marshall, and Indigenous Futurism by artist Skawennati and the broader world of Indigenous art and curation by Lori Beavis and Ossie Michelin.

Also of interest are presentations on Hindu Divinity, Defunding the Police, Infiltrating Amazon, Intersectionality, Sleep and Insomnia, and so much more. One really exciting thing about the conference is the opportunity it affords for us to hear from Dawson faculty: their talks are not to be missed!

In the evenings, we are offering a full line up of Cinema Politica screenings, all of which will involve guest speakers who are closely related to the film being screened. On the first night of the conference, we’re really lucky to be hosting Alanis Obamsawin, who will be there to answer questions about her film Is the Crown at War With us?

Directors Heather Hatch and Tasha Hubbard will also be on hand to answer questions about their respective films, Wochiigii Lo: End of the Peace and nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up. We will conclude with Dear Jackie followed by a Q & A session with Pat Dillon-Moore.

Sessions are filling quickly, so kindly sign up soon if you wish to bring your classes as seating is limited!

Submitted by Johanne Rabbat and Jocelyn Parr. 

Last Modified: January 25, 2023