Montreal, June 15, 2021—Dawson College is pleased to announce new academic leadership with the appointment of Robert Cassidy as its new Academic Dean. As CEGEP students across Quebec prepare for a return to the classroom in Fall 2021, Robert will lead the next chapter in pedagogical innovation and progress at Dawson.

Robert holds a doctorate in Neuroscience from Georgetown University and has extensive post-doctoral research and scholarship in the neurobiology and psychology of learning. His later professional experience in higher education has helped him complement that scientific understanding with the social and humanist aspects of learning. As the former Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Concordia University, he will be a strong advocate for innovative academic offerings and transformational learning experiences that foster student engagement and success.

“Ideal leadership”

“The last year pushed all students and teachers to their limit and beyond. While the experience was difficult, I know that Robert will provide ideal leadership as we look towards examining what we may have learned from the last year about teaching and learning. He will tap into the collective wisdom of our outstanding faculty and continue to push us forward,” said Diane Gauvin, Dawson’s Director General.

Robert is well-known at Dawson College. Before joining Concordia in 2016, he worked at the College from 2011-2016 as a professor, pedagogical counsellor and then later as Assistant Dean.  During his time as Assistant Dean, he led a community-wide consultation process for Dawson’s 2016-2021 Strategic Plan.

New space to plan, strat plan to develop, programs to revise

In addition to the transition back to campus, as the new Academic Dean, Robert will guide the College through major initiatives including a new strategic plan, two major program revisions, the Commission d’évaluation de l’enseignement collégial quality assurance audit, and the reorganization of space to integrate the health and social service facilities.

“It is a real honour to be at Dawson at this time in its history and to support such an outstanding community through these next adventures.  I look forward to working closely with our faculty, students and the whole community to ensure Dawson is ever-evolving in its academics and fully achieving its unique potential,” Robert said.

Robert Cassidy will begin his new role as Academic Dean of Dawson College on August 30, 2021.

Last Modified: June 15, 2021