Graduate’s Testimonials

“Being a Francophone, I found studying in English at Dawson College quite a challenge. I persevered and completed my studies in the required three years in 1976. I have worked since then as a radiation therapist at the McGill University Health Centre. Over the years I occupied several functions in the field of radiotherapy and since 1999 I assume the responsibility of manager of the Radiation Oncology department.”
Carole Gingras R.T.T., Radiation Oncology graduate

“The latest in teaching equipment, both at Dawson College and affiliated McGill hospitals, gave me the tools to accomplish my goals, namely, Clinical Instructor since 1993, and more recently, Mould Room Technologist at the Montreal General Hospital.”
Frank Paolino, R.T.T. Radiation Oncology graduate.

“Radiation therapy has turned out to be an interesting job for me. The job in itself is rewarding  because I’m given the opportunity to work with such a diverse team of fellow radiation therapists, clinical coordinators,  radiation oncologists, nurses, physicists, engineers, nutritionists, dosimetrists, social workers, clerical staff, volunteers, orderlies, technical aids and most importantly, the patients.
Our dynamic and diverse team and technology assures that the quality of treatments and patient care for our patients are part of our everyday practice.

In my personal experience, building relationships with my patients and having an effect on their everyday lives makes me feel like I have made a great career choice. Knowing that I am making a difference in their lives makes the entire ‘cancer’ situation seem better. If I can make a patient forget that they are sick for those 15 minutes that we see/treat them, then I have done my job.
Being in the field for 4 years now has allowed me to face everyday challenges and I always look forward to the future. My role as a technologist continuously evolves and I feel confident every day that my being there makes the slightest difference in my patient’s lives and their road to recovery and quality of life.”

Karen A. Baquiran T.R.O.
Dawson College Graduate:  June 2007
Works at: Montreal General Hospital – McGill University Health Centre

“I graduated from Radiation Oncology program of Dawson College  in 2007. The teaching staff from Dawson College and McGill University taught me the latest knowledge in Radiation Oncology. The state-of-the-art hospital facilities and the inspiring clinical instructors helped me achieving clinical competency. Now I am a radiation therapist of Cape Breton Cancer Center.”
Peilong Zhang, R.T.T.
Cape Breton Cancer Center, Nova Scotia

“There is so much expansion and technological advancement happening in the field of Radiation Oncology. Semesters at Dawson College and clinical rotations at the Montreal General and Jewish General Hospitals are definite eye openers for anyone looking into this career. As a proud Dawson graduate, I can attest that my journey has been an enriching experience, as a professional and as a human being.”
Yuri Billones, R.T.T.
Dawson College Graduate:  June 2007

“My name is Katelynn from the graduating class of 2009. After I left the MGH I worked at the Sudbury Regional Cancer Centre for a year and a half. Then I decided to move closer to Toronto, and I accepted a position at  a new cancer centre in Oshawa and have been here ever since. I love my career and all of the different opportunities that come with it. I’m very happy I chose to go to Dawson College!”
Katelynn Leahy, R.T.T.

Last Modified: February 26, 2015