Program Policies

142.D0 Radiation Oncology

Academic Standing and Advancement Policy

To be in good standing and to register unconditionally, students must meet both the requirements of the College and the Radiation Oncology Technology program Academic Standing and Advancement Policy.


Academic Standing

To be in good standing and register unconditionally:

  1. Students must have passed more that 50% of their courses for the year (not including Summer School).
  2. Students admitted in January must pass more than 50% of their courses in that semester.
  3. Students must also meet the standards of their particular program. If that policy is more stringent than the College policy, the program policy (DEC or AEC) takes precedence.

Students who do not fulfill the above conditions may register only with the permission of the Academic Standing Appeal Committee.


Specific Education disciplines in the Radiation Oncology Program include: Radiation Oncology (142) and Biology (101).

Academic Standing

Student standing is determined at the end of each semester.

The following circumstances will result in an expulsion from the Radiation Oncology Technology Program:

  • Failure of two or more Specific Education courses in a semester;
  • Failure of the same Specific Education course twice;
  • Failure of a clinical course in the third year;
  • Failure to complete the Program within five academic years from their date of commencement.

Students who do not satisfy the criteria of the Academic Standing Policy will be expelled from the Program and the College. The expelled student has the right to appeal the expulsion to the College Academic Standing Appeals Committee.


Students may advance to the next term of studies under the following conditions:

  • Students must pass all Specific Education courses in a term before advancing to the following term;
  • To advance to Term 5, students must have successfully completed all required Specific and General Education courses;

Students in the program who are prevented from advancing in their Specific Education courses may continue taking General Education courses and must either:

1. Submit an “Intent to Continue in Current Program” form to the Registrar’s Office by March 1 or November 1, as appropriate, in order to resume taking Specific Education courses in the following semester.


2. Submit an online Program Transfer request by March 1 or November 1, as appropriate, in order to enroll in a different program.

Students not taking any courses in a semester must reapply to the College by the application deadline in order to be part of a program of study.

Exceptional Circumstances

In extenuating circumstances, the Radiation Oncology Technology Program Coordinator may recommend an exception to the Program Academic Standing and Advancement Policy to the Program Dean for approval. This recommendation must be accompanied by a revised Graduation Plan.

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a  Diplôme d’études collégiales (DEC) students must complete the following:

  • Successfully complete their courses as per the Course Grid.
  • Pass the English Exit Test.
  • Pass the Comprehensive Examination.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate standards of Professional Conduct.

Last Modified: October 10, 2019