Students typically take one or two of our seminars per semester (therefore earning up to four credits per semester). As long as our seminars fit your schedule, you may continue taking courses in Reflections throughout your time at Dawson.

No. It is always up to the student to decide if they want to enrol in another Reflections seminar. There is no long-term commitment. That said, many students choose to come back to Reflections because they enjoy the paired courses and intellectual community.

When students enroll in a Reflections seminar, they are signing up for two courses that have been paired. That is, by taking the seminar, they will receive credit for two courses. Reflections seminars often include a significant amount of challenging reading, but they do not require more work than two regular courses.

Acceptance into Reflections is based on motivation and interest and not on high school or other grades.

Yes. Students in any program may register for one or more Reflections seminars.

For details on pre-registration, contact Reflections Administrative Assistant, Gabrielle Bernardin at gbernardin@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

Information Sessions: online

Pre-registration: online

Courses: in-person

Last Modified: May 29, 2024