Strategic Goals Overview

Commitment to Student Success

As a community, Dawson is committed to:

  • fostering a broad notion of student success that encourages all students to develop as active and engaged learners;
  • ensuring student success by leveraging Dawson’s expertise to adapt evidence-based best practices;
  • stimulating engaged citizenship and positive action in response to pressing societal and ecological challenges.

Strategic Priorities for Student Success

Development of the Graduate Profile outcomes

Goal 1
Foster intentional and coordinated approaches to developing the Graduate Profile outcomes.

Enhancement of accessibility and support to students

Goal 2
Support new students in their transition to Dawson.

Goal 3
Provide coordinated and accessible services to students.

Relevance of programs and educational offerings

Goal 4
Ensure that programs and educational offerings are relevant to the needs of society.

Foundations to support student success

Goal 5
Be a leading employer dedicated to employee developmentand engagement.

Goal 6
Promote a culture and practice of continuous improvement in all areas of the College.

Goal 7
Be a leading Canadian educational institution in promoting and practising sustainability in all its endeavours.

Goal 8
Cultivate relationships with alumni, retirees and Dawson partners to engage in helping the  College to achieve its strategic vision.

Goal 9
Enhance the physical environment to support student success and employee engagement

Last Modified: March 4, 2020