Strategic Goals Overview

Commitment to Student Success

As a community, Dawson is committed to:

  • fostering a broad notion of student success that encourages all students to develop as active and engaged learners;
  • ensuring student success by leveraging Dawson’s expertise to adapt evidence-based best practices;
  • stimulating engaged citizenship and positive action in response to pressing societal and ecological challenges.

Strategic Priorities for Student Success

Development of the Graduate Profile outcomes

Goal 1. Foster intentional and coordinated approaches to developing the Graduate Profile outcomes.

Enhancement of accessibility and support to students

Goal 2. Support new students in their transition to Dawson.
Goal 3. Provide coordinated and accessible services to students.

Relevance of programs and educational offerings

Goal 4. Ensure that programs and educational offerings are relevant to the needs of society.

Foundations to support student success

Goal 5. Be a leading employer dedicated to employee development and engagement.
Goal 6. Promote a culture and practice of continuous improvement in all areas of the College.
Goal 7. Be a leading Canadian educational institution in promoting and practising sustainability in all its endeavours.
Goal 8. Establish active working relationships with Dawson’s external partners and alumni and engage them in helping the College to reach its strategic vision.

Last Modified: March 21, 2017