Strategic Goals Overview

Introduction to the Orientations

The nested structure of the three Orientations – the student within the community within the environment – represents the integrative design of this Strategic Plan. The specific goals, strategies, and actions at each level compose a larger system of interrelationships that echo and reinforce each other. Progress in any one action should have positive ripple effects on multiple other actions.

Orientation 1: Students

  • Goal 1: Student success is enhanced through a coordinated, evidence-based approach to improving the quality of academic programs
  • Goal 2: Delivery of services to students contributes positively to the quality of the student experience
  • Goal 3: Students capitalize on the opportunities for academic, social and personal development as expressed in the outcomes of the Graduate Profile

Orientation 2: Communities

  • Goal 4: A comprehensive approach to the Indigenization of Dawson College is established
  • Goal 5: Dawson’s learning and working communities are equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible
  • Goal 6: Foster an institution-wide culture of well-being
  • Goal 7: The physical environment is enhanced to support student success and employee collaboration and innovation

Orientation 3: Environment

  • Goal 8: Social, economic and environmental sustainability are understood and practiced across the entire Dawson community

Last Modified: February 7, 2024