Vision and Values

Well-being for All: An Over-arching Value

All Dawson students and employees are respected, valued and supported in the pursuit of their unique educational and professional goals. Together, we cultivate stimulating, inclusive and caring communities for learning and working. As individual and collective growth are grounded not only in supportive communities but also in a healthy environment, we encourage awareness and actions that contribute to our stewardship role in the natural world. In sum, we act in service to the long-term well-being of people, communities and ecosystems.

Student Achievement

By focusing on the quality of student learning and opportunities for growth, we help students develop their highest academic and personal potential. We accompany students as they define their interests and work towards the fulfilment of their educational goals.

Institutional Excellence

We aim for excellence in the quality of our academic programs and in the effectiveness of our support services. We commit to continual improvement in these areas through quality assurance and the promotion of evidence-based approaches.


The diverse members of our community are encouraged to share their insights, knowledge, and skills as we endeavour to refine our strategies for working together in service to our mission. We affirm that our community is strengthened by the representation and participation of all its members in college governance.

Innovation and Creativity

We create a supportive environment for innovation and creativity on the part of students and faculty, recognizing that inquiry and risk-taking are integral to authentic teaching and learning. We equally welcome employee innovations in college systems and services that improve both learning and working environments.

Last Modified: February 7, 2024