Birds seen on campus

Our efforts to create micro-habitats on site have helped attract birds. Examples of observations: A white-throated sparrow finds seeds and insects on our rooftop on its trip south in the fall, a cardinal finds seeds in the peace garden all winter, a peregrine falcon hunts for pigeons to feed its young, a thrush finds shelter in a hedge during a storm and a mallard duck nests 5 times on the College gym roof.

Another thank you must go to the over 1500 volunteers over 8 years and the Facilities team that have helped create a landscape that is defining our values at Dawson. It is most significant when an educational institution is successful in having wildlife return to its urban setting. It is an evaluation of sorts as we define one of our core institutional values:

Well-Being for All, Sustainably

Bird species seen on Dawson College grounds or from Dawson grounds

Species Total: 55

Seen on College grounds:

  1. Mallard Duck
  2. Peregrine Falcon
  3. Sharp-Shinned Hawk
  4. Cooper’s Hawk
  5. Merlin
  6. American Kestrel
  7. Common Grackle
  8. European Starling
  9. House Sparrow
  10. Cowbird
  11. Red-Winged Blackbird
  12. Chipping Sparrow
  13. Dark-Eyed Junco
  14. White-Throated Sparrow
  15. Pine Siskin
  16. Purple Finch
  17. Mourning Dove
  18. American Goldfinch
  19. Northern Oriole
  20. American Robin
  21. American Redstart
  22. Northern Cardinal
  23. Black-Capped Chickadee
  24. White-Breasted Nuthatch
  25. American Crow
  26. Ring-Billed Gull
  27. Hairy Woopecker
  28. Downy woodpecker
  29. Pileated Woodpecker
  30. Yellow-Shafted Flicker
  31. Yellow Warbler
  32. Veery
  33. Swainsons Thrush
  34. Tree Sparrow
  35. Rock Dove (pigeon)
  36. Blackburnian Warbler
  37. Blue Jay
  38. Tree Swallow
  39. Red-Eyed Vireo
  40. Cedar Waxwing
  41. Yellow-Rumped Warbler
  42. Brown Creeper
  43. Warbling Vireo
  44. Chimney Swift
  45. Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
  46. Black-Throated Blue Warbler
  47. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
  48. Common Raven
  49. Carolina Wren
  50. House Finch

Fly-Over Observations

  1. Snow goose
  2. Turkey Vulture
  3. Broad-Winged Hawk
  4. Canada Goose
  5. Great Blue Heron

Last Modified: July 11, 2023