Teaching resources

Laptops and iPad loaners

Teachers can borrow a laptop for up to three days, or an iPad for a period up to two weeks. Just come to 2H.12. For longer duration, please contact the OAD office to get an authorisation.

Lan School

LanSchool is a classroom management solution that allows teachers to disable student workstations while they’re lecturing, have teachers workstation displayed on students, or take control of students workstations. For instructions please contact Kirk Fontaine, .

Classrooms and Labs

Every classroom is equipped with at least a projector, a computer, and DVD player which are controlled through a wall panel (the crestron switch). If you’re planning to play music or videos, please see this article. Teachers may book some labs for punctual needs through Outlook (see instructions). Lan school may be used to control…

Can I play a movie in my class?

The legal side You are allowed to play copyrighted music, films or live broadcasts at the College, for educational or training purposes, before an audience consisting primarily of students or teachers. There are also some exceptions in the Copyrights Acts under ‘fair dealing’ to allow some copying of excerpts for educational purposes. The copyright on…

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