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Access the WiFi with your Network account. If not already created, go to MyDawson : My Dawson Life : Network Account.

Dawson_open vs Dawson_secure

Two networks are available : Dawson_open for a quick, temporary connection to surf the Web, and Dawson_secure for an encrypted communication. We recommend the latter because it is makes it harder for someone to “listen in” on your wireless conversation, and allows you to save your credentials rather than login every time. Depending on your device, it may require some configuration : see here for instructions.


  • Check if your password has expired, especially if you’re still using the default password we generated for you. Do so by going to MyDawson : My Dawson Life : Network Account.


Network drives

  • You are given 100MB for personal storage on the H: drive
  • Your teachers may share files with you on the S: drive
  • Outside Dawson, you may access those from MyDawson : My Dawson life : My Files

Cloud storage

somethingOffice 365

Office 365 is Microsoft cloud productivity suite. Login to Office 365 at by using your email address (for students, firstname.last[at] and your network password. You may also find your login information at MyDawson : My Dawson Life : Office 365 Account.

What you get

  • Office ProPlus for your PC or Mac, iOS or Android device, and Online through a browser
  • Chat and Web conferencing through Teams
  • File Storage up to 1TB through OneDrive Business
  • emails up to 50GB. Students already have emails on Office 365. Employees emails are being migrated in 2017-18.

For more info, see the FAQ.


Standard machines come with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office (Pro) 2013.

More software, mostly open source, is available in the Sandbox (shortcut on the desktop) : VLC, Gimp, OpenOffice, etc. sandbox
There are also applications for Accessibility executed remotely from a terminal server (shortcut on the destkop in labs).

You can find more software to install on your office machine in the Software Center This includes an upgrade to Office 2016, Adobe Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud.

You may also purchase software for home use at a discounted price. See details here.

Last Modified: August 17, 2020