Printing and scanning

Wifi printing

Go to Login, browse for and upload your document; choose the printer you want it to print on.

Printing accounts (Pcounter)

You have a printing account (pcounter) to which most of your printing gets charged. To find out your printing balance, click on “Your Printing Balance” shortcut on your desktop: If the shortcut is not there, go to Start:Run and type in “wbalance”. To add money to your account you can use the machines near the […]


Printers are located in labs and in the library. Costs are 5¢ (B&W) and 50¢ (colour) per page. To check the balance and purchase more print credits with your credit card, go to MyDawson : My College Services : Print Balance Account. Alternatively you can use the money transfer machines in 2H.12 and in the […]

Printer Installation

Windows 10 To add a printer, hold down the windows key and the R key at the same time. When the box appears type \\dc180 and click OK. A window will appear with many printers. Double click the one you need and it will install. To make it the default printer, click start settings. Click […]

Kyocera Teaching Assistant Scanning

Teachers can print, scan and grade bubble-sheet forms using Kyocera Teaching Assistant installed on selected Kyocera copiers in the college including two self-serve copiers in the print shop (2E1P-MFP2 and 2E1P-MFP3). A short video explaining the application is available on YouTube. Refer to the user guide for a more detailed explanation. The optional Microsoft Excel […]

Kyocera Teaching Assistant Exam Answer Submission

Refer to the following user guide for a more detailed explanation.

A to Z Index of IST Services

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