Frequently Asked Questions about the Dawson College ALC Literature Profile

In order to be a good writer, one must read great literature. This profile offers you an excellent foundation for future university studies in Creative Writing since you will be exposed to so many classic and contemporary texts.  In addition, you may take two creative writing courses. You can also submit creative writing to Creations, the literary journal that features the best creative and academic writing in the Literature Profile. In your second year, you can even become one of the editors of the journal.
The ALC Program does offer four journalism classes, but most classes in the Literature Profile focus on analyzing literary texts (novels, poetry, plays, and essays) so that you can develop your writing and analytical skills. These skills are essential in many fields, including journalism.
The language of instruction for the Literature Profile is English, as it is throughout Dawson College. Most of the literature studied in the program is written in English. While you may read various works of world literature including ones written originally in French, these works will be read in English translation.

Last Modified: June 22, 2015