Profile Coordinator of Literature
Jeffrey Gandell
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Office: 3D.3-1
Local: 4980

“…I can start reading [stories] anywhere; from beginning to end, from end to beginning, from any point in between in either direction. So obviously I don’t take up a story and follow it as if it were a road, taking me somewhere, with views and neat diversions along the way. I go into it, and move back and forth and settle here and there, stay in it for a while. It’s more like a house.”
–Alice Munro

In the Literature Profile, students and teachers enjoy discussing literary texts and ideas in an engaging atmosphere. Students and teachers are intellectually curious and avid readers. Courses may include canonical texts as well as recent, contemporary pieces, and, depending on the instructor, lectures and activities may incorporate philosophy, classics, music, art history, and other disciplines.

Members of the Department of English who often teach in the Literature Profile:

  • Louise Arsenault
  • Liana Bellon
  • Amanda Cockburn
  • Merrianne Couture
  • Sue Elmslie
  • Simon Fanning
  • David Gelineau
  • Alyson Grant
  • Neil Hartlen
  • Andrew Katz
  • Tavish McDonell
  • Ursula Misztal
  • Laura Mitchell
  • Pauline Morel
  • Bryan Sentes
  • Louise Slater
  • Tijana Stojkovic
  • Michelle Syba
  • Wendy Thatcher

Last Modified: August 16, 2023