Student John Nathaniel Gertler joins Dawson Foundation Board


John Nathaniel Gertler brings youthful energy and a direct connection to Dawson students as the newest member of the Board of Directors of the Dawson College Foundation. He was elected at the April 23 board meeting.

Foundation work in line with values

“I’m excited to be working with the Foundation first and foremost because I care,” said John. “I care about the planet and I care about people. I have strong rooted values that guide me and a lot of what the Foundation does is in line with those values, whether it be supporting others, sustainability or well-being for all.”

“There is huge potential with the Dawson Foundation.  Compared to other college foundations, it is still relatively new but any time you have a school with the size and energy of Dawson, there is huge opportunity. By harnessing that energy and with the help of the Dawson community, the Foundation can be a leader and example in what supporting students looks like.”

Active in student life

John will soon complete his first year of the Environmental Studies Profile in Social Science. He is also active in student life as a player on the Division 1 Men’s Dawson Blues Basketball team and a member of the Green Earth Club.

John loves being at Dawson: “The diversity and range in opportunities to learn and connect at Dawson College, in and outside of class: gardens, clubs, art exhibits, events, music, sports, you name it. Dawson is alive, thriving and never boring. At the heart of the city, Dawson is also a hub for diversity amongst students. You meet people from all walks of life at Dawson with all sorts of interests and plenty to teach you.”

Hoping to involve more students

John hopes to involve more students with the Foundation:“ I’d like more students to know what the Foundation is, how they can support it and more importantly, how it can support them. It is not easy being one person representing about 10,000 students but I’m going to try to be as transparent as possible.  I hope to get their feedback and input so I can represent the whole student body, in all its diversity, to the best of my ability.”

John says he will be working to ensure the Foundation works in the best interest of students and that its decisions are socially and environmentally responsible.

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Last Modified: January 16, 2024